Reese Witherspoon says she was caught off guard by ex Ryan Phillippe’s Oscar commentary in 2002

(CNN) Reese Witherspoon was not thrilled when her then-husband, Ryan Phillippe, joked about her financial status during their 2002 Oscars.

The actress / producer talked about the moment that went viral at the time. Phillippe said during the live broadcast that she could hand over the award because “you make more money than I do.”

“I forgot it ever happened,” Witherspoon said during an HFPA in Conversation podcast.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were married for seven years before ending it in 2006. The couple, who have two children together, divorced in 2008.

“But you looked, he said it, and no, it was not written, and he did not tell me he would say it before it happened on the air. I was a little fluke at the moment. ., too. “

She said that although ‘gender norms have changed quite a bit since that moment’ successful women are ‘ashamed’, especially if they ‘earn a lot of money’.

The couple, who have two children together, divorced in 2006.

Witherspoon added that her daughter Ava (21) once came home from primary school upset after she was teased due to her mother’s financial success.

I said, ‘Never feel ashamed of a woman who makes money. There are women around the world who do not have an opportunity or training or the ability to make money. And the more women who earn more money will give away more money, take care of their societies, take care of their communities, will do more with that money. So never feel bad when your mom makes money, and never feel bad when you do not make money, and do not be ashamed or ashamed when it is more than your partner. ”