Rebecca de Alba reveals how she and Ricky Martin love her | EL IMPARCIAL

CITY OF MEXICO.-Rebecca de Alba dio to meet with interviewer Yordi Rosado that love between her and singer Ricky Martin comenzó being very friends.

“We love ours being friends. We love friends much time and time with clicks, repeating our encounters making them all juntos. So we were when he came to Mexico City. You were good, we were friends, and we loved him.


“There are a lot of people here and there. But they all work out. We always love them and we respect them a lot as we do because we are very reserved. Enthusiasts are just etiquette in relationships, if you are related to them , is like an agreement, an agreement “.

Rebecca signaled that between the two always had a lot of respect and a big affect.

“Ahi surgió una amistad increíble y nos queremos. Como pareja es muy completo, te entiende, siempre estás feliz. No tienes necesidad de estarlo checando, hay confianza”.

It is said that it is currently dealing with a person, and that the relationship started just a few months before the pandemic of Covid-19 was set up.

Cabe records that the conductor had time to reveal that he had lost his life with Ricky Martin.

“It’s not me, he’s a guy, he’s a manager, he’s a program and it’s important that he explains what he’s like Ricky, he’s not wanting to talk about it because he’s rating the program, it’s from an amorous point of view history that has validated the pen, that has been controversial ”.

Explained that when the attack is on his relationship with the song he says he imagines the episode as painful as Vivian.

For the sake of the baby’s loss, sovereignty over a better form because the child together with him, , of course ”.

Significantly, like the astro-busty astro-busty astronaut Ricky, there was a point of compromise: “We are a couple who want to make a living.”

The conductor considers that the end of his romance with the singer runs away from the distance.

With Yordi revealing that she has always been gay, but she is not imported.

“What is the value of the pen is the person, what he brings, what he gives and the value of his life”.

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