Rebecca de Alba hapló by Ricky Martin in revealing details of his noviazgo, pensaron en casarse | Gente | Maintenance

This show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Rebecca during the romance initiative, was one of the most important presenters of the moment and Ricky Martin was in the eye of his artistic career this time from the launch of his first disco as a soloist to the global exit of the theme “Living the living place”, and although he also criticizes the difference of edad between them, his love story is based on love.

In a sincere interview and “no filters” for the Youtube channel of Yordi Rosado, Rebecca de Alba confessed that she and Ricky Martin were great friends and had all along; hasta llegó a moment that of natural form, is dieron account of that habían enamorado. “” Era una cosa tan bonita. We have many friends and we love ours and point. Se dio solito. We always love juntos “, comment.

“When he comes to live here, first and foremost he lives in two calls because he or she is looking for a department where he or she lives. The result is that we are living, and at the moment he is living in his presence, and he has a diverted manner. and very amorosa, because my only property is the coach “, confessed the conductor. “Entones yo me iba a Zacatecas y él se quedaba con el cochecito, yo iba a por el, aquí y allá. Te digo, hubo algo que nos konektó y éramos onafskeidbaar “, agregó.

According to De Alba’s statements, both are being admired by friends. After starting the Menudo children’s group, Ricky Martin joined the City of Mexico to continue his artistic career, and launched as a soloist. At that time, Rebecca de Alba was converted into her great friend and companion. “If you are alone”, commented. “We always love juntos. However, the world respects much of the couple because we are reserved. Just label etiquette in relationships. If you are into something you should be happy”, verklarings.

The 54-year-old model revealed that his relationship was “disco-disco”, and that he saw a new twist on the artist’s creation that Iban was romper. Pero sortearon los obstáculos, sus “idas y venidas”, y para el tour de Living La vida Loca, -álbum que el boricua lanzó en 1999-, institan “super-enamorados”, recoge el portal de Infobae.

In the interview, Rebecca confesses that he took a moment to look at the two quarries, and he was about to buy the quirian quarrel “make a living together”. In 2016, the periodical confession was held in an interview with the Engaged History program, which lasted during the romance, was embarrassed during the baby’s loss. And it’s true that he’s sure that Ricky’s the death of his wife because of his most painful life, because of his sovereignty and supportive condition.

Yordi Rosado touched on the theme of Ricky Martin’s homosexuality, a controversial and interesting theme for fanatics. Rebecca’s response was: “And what was the matter with her?”.

“When I’m salió y dijo (que es homoseksueel), para mí no fue ninguna surpresa. Yo ya lo sabía pero no es que estuviera con él de novia. A veces pienso, ¿qué importa si lo sabía o no lo sabía? ¿Y what does it matter if it results in the enmity of a person who has other sexual preferences, because he feels and is respected? ¿And what does it matter if a person is gay, if it’s what the pen is and what it is, , qué te da, el valor de su vida ”, responded.

Regarding the multiple criticisms and attacks against the relationship, the presenter expresses that the situation of the tomo with calm and creates deeply in its history. “Dijeron at the moment he was tapadera, I see him all as a lienzo, as a frame that he and I pintamos. Here is our story. Después salen, que te avientan piedras y de todo, yo tuve que cuidar coma esa pintura nuestra, que no se manchara de toda la mierda que decia la gente y de todas estas mentiras muy mal intencionadas. Decian ‘es su tapadera, su socia, su quién sabe qué’. Entones, as yo sé la verdad, y yo sé lo que ese hombre fue pari mí com parjaja, y él lo sabe, pues entonces qué me importa lo que esté circulande por ahí, de boca en boca ”, account Rebecca. (E)