Rafael Ramírez, ex-minister of Petróleo de Hugo Chávez: “We are preparing to retaliate against Maduro”

The former Minister of Petroleum of Venezuela, Rafael Ramírez (REUTERS)
The former Minister of Petroleum of Venezuela, Rafael Ramírez (REUTERS)

Rafael Ramírez, ex-Minister of Petroleum of Venezuela, volvió to refer to the crisis that overcomes his country and, step to his step chavista, apunto against Nicolás Maduro for the humanitarian drama that lives the Venezuelan people.

From the exile, in an interview with the Panorama diary, the former Chavista employee said that the Venezuelans should prepare “to call Maduro”: “The governor could not avoid having a reaction of the political forces (…) We are preparing to move to Maduro. It is not necessary to hope for the middle of the period for revocation, but to make sure that the political forces in our agreement can make a great national effort to advertise a right that is established in the Constitution. The Venezuelan people have the right to revoke a mandate as this and a series of democratic democracies ”.

Significantly, the end of the dictatorship “hay que movilizarse”: “But it is here, hay that tells the military that it does not engage in politics as it stands, because it is something that is related to a doctrine Bolivariana, a supporter of the Constitution, but he is a participant in the trampling, which is committed to what Maduro diga, which is convened as administrators of corruption, so can not be ”.

This is the one I want to make sure “Los militares van a ser protagonistas” del cambio en Venezuela: “Mantengo mucho contact with people of chavismo and with militaries, the militares van a ser protagonistas de esto, sigo hablando con ellos, hay mucho terror, mucho miedo, a todos los están grabando por la situation situque estamos en una dictadura”.

Ramírez demonstrated that in order to log the target of the term with the dictation “has no magic solutions”, and stated that “Maduro’s salir is only a part of the problem”. According to his point of view, in Venezuela he should have “a common patriotic or a governing body of a collective direction”, and that “there is no leader who can solve the problems that we have individually, we have no political power with enough to hacerlo ”.

Rafael Ramírez says that militaries need to be met in the politics of the country, although it is considered that part of the exchange in Venezuela
Rafael Ramírez says that militaries need to be met in the politics of the country, although it is considered that part of the exchange in Venezuela

The former Minister of Petroleum said that the Prime Minister should reinstate the Constitution and the laws: “Have the political scenario a set of laws that are illegal. This is from the point of view of the inversionists; I work in the petroleum sector and the private sector tells me that it is not a meter in the anti-block zone, it is not because everyone knows that it is illegal because when we change the things only to lose their investments, we are to be in the law of confiscators for illegals, it is said, nadie va to have trampas with Maduro, entonces eso has no viability ”.

This junta patriotica, añadió, must work one of 18 months “to give to the people, restoring the services that can have, water, light”. After that, the things that are working, “call elections”.

Ramírez, who runs the PDVSA state-of-the-art petrol station once again, has also been re-elected in recent elections by the Chavista regime, which has been criticized by the international community: in the last years of the republic, when the people have no interest in politics, the people go to the politicians with their problems, and there are other immediate problems (…) With this election, Maduro took control of the last institution he owned. It is very difficult to restore the mechanisms of political play, the game is in progress and Maduro wants to ensure that control of all institutions is maintained ”.

In this line, it is considered that in the regime “the conviction that Venezuelans are interested in politics, does not participate, in those interests that participate only on a support basis, but the rest of Venezuelans participate, no”.

Ante is this type of maneuver that took place during the last years, the ex-minister chavista califico the governor of Maduro of “dictatorial”: “If you are governors of spies in the country, if you are governors without control, if you do not have an institutional balance (…) then we are in front of a governor in what it is that the president or his most important group is and is not good” .

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed his concern about the economic and social situation in the country. The economic scheme adopted by Maduro’s regime makes the calibration of “unsustainable”: “Economic policy is also an economic policy, nothing to do with Gobierno has meant that the economy is producing the most speculative sectors of the market.” The Venezuelan people are valued by the mega-valuation, the type of cambio super hace time the million bolivars per dollar, the destruction of the productive apparatus and each has more patent, no hay work, can not be produced in the country the things, the destruction of Pdvsa is a hecho, hace one year the intervening commission in manos of Quevedo (ex president of Pdvsa) the entregó with 700 mil barles and hoy dia produce 400 mil; no hay petrol. It is said that there is no way that Maduro has the political control that in these moments of the country is sufficient to sustain a situation as it is living ”.

“The country is in decline, in economic and social terms, we are in an abyss and lamentably the people have been so accommodating in this abyss; but if we are in perspective, we enter the terrible group of African countries, it is that it called an Africanization of politics in the country, where there is an elite with a lot of power, with the military power, police, the judicial system for benefit propio s his interests, mientras todo el pais trata de sobrevivir como sea, así sea arriesgando su vida como pasó en Güiria ”, agregó.

Ramírez stated that “Venezuela will have to assume that the reconstruction of the country as hicieron the European countries despise the Second World War”: “The day is very deep, can not be a share of 70% of accumulated GDP, is deducted ( …) The destruction of the petroleum industry, although the petroleum is allied, was abandoned by this people, they are irresponsible. If we do not recover the ingress of petroleum in tenemos manner, we can take a piece of the saqueo in which there is the oil, there is the corn, there is the small oil. He uses his resources for national reconstruction ”.

Rafael Ramírez responsible for Nicolás Maduro of the humanitarian drama that plagues Venezuela (EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez)
Rafael Ramírez responsible for Nicolás Maduro of the humanitarian drama that plagues Venezuela (EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez)

The ex-Venezuelan minister, who continues to reiterate the years of Chávez and is also a critical critic of Juan Guaidó and the governor of Donald Trump, indicates that the flaming president of the United States, Joe Biden, “could have a distinct approach to Venezuela: Hopefully it sums up the flexibility that Obama emplaces in Latin America, even though it is not methane, which makes us calm. Maduro used Trump as the perfect card, all is the culprit of imperialism, of sanctions, not of course ”.

About the Washington regime’s accusations of sanctions, explanation: “Yes, as far as Pdvsa is concerned, we have been announcing it since 2014, so we have nothing to do with the sanctions, so it is pure and simple a pessimistic administration, deviate from its resources, not invest in our company and, finally, the entregaron to his friends, so have nothing to do with Trump (…) This confrontation of Trump with Venezuela has hecho that the Izquierda is nucleus entorno to Maduro and he committed a grave error because he allowed and did not levy his voice against the violation of the human rights, against the package that he has Maduro, who proclaims as governor of Izquierda, but is right ”.

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