Pumas: The directive clarifies its position with the refunds for the Guard1anes 2021

Ante the information about the players that is made of Pumas in this market of passers-by, the victims can insist on different visas, receive news regarding the incorporations for the Torneo Guard1anes Liga MX 2021 Clausura.

Pero, in agreement with the recent statements of the Sports Director of Club Universidad Nacional Jesús Ramírez, the comments in reference to new cars for Andrés Lillini will be something that does not work or, at the very least, does not abound for this moment.

Asi lo reflejó Chucho, in a report that the media of communication ESTO realized: “No descarto que puede venir alguien, pero estamos bien así. Solamente si sale alguien o Andrés (por Lillini) pide a alien en particular, lo valoraremos ”, señaló.

Based on this information, we also state the position of the directive of Pumas UNAM front to the footballers of Pumas Tabasco: ‘No hay you see, hoo jugadores de Pumas Tabasco que van y vienen. Pumas always has a project of canteranos and the project of the branch is the ultimate escalator “.

Leopoldo Silva joined Andrés Lillini in November, agreeing on the continuation of the coach in front of the first team of Pumas. @PumasMX

In consequence, Jesús Ramírez dejó explains that there is no management for refurbishment for the plant that initiates its trayecto in the Guard1anes 2021 ante Tijuana the next Thursday morning at 21:00 hours at the Estadio Caliente.