Pumas: The best false notices of the Day of the Innocents

The recession between the Guard1anes 2020 y el Torneo Guard1anes Liga MX 2021 Clausura, together with the small offer at the request of the affidavit of Pumas for the Refugee Legacy, created an ideal atmosphere for a new December 28, Day of the Innocent Saints.

More so from this particular fecha, it is known that the bajas of Carlos González, Alejandro Mayorga y Andrés Iniestra, make the first salads a factor that can be increased by other plant plants such as: Juan Ignacio Dinenno, Luis Quintana y Alan Mozo, entre otros probabilities.

For that, with these dates and with the Estufa Football which for this time is found in the living red, the Day of the Innocents dog dog in the niche of the fanatics of Pumas, with women being charged with false notices related to the Easter market.

For example, the Fan Page Pumas Total load with the regreso del laterale derecho Marcelo Alatorre, representing the actual milita and Las Vegas Lights de la United Soccer League. Really original.

Off Dale Azul y Oro we will not come back and arrest you with false information directed to the attention of the dogs. For a lad, the transfer of Juan Ignacio Dinenno to the Eagles of America y, by the other, the chain of the pass of Carlos González and Tigres. Is it imaginary?

Además, the site Pumas UNAM MX, also selected to Dinegol, but in this case to play on suspension. If there is a day on which the mystery in the description of a publication is reduced in minor, it is precisely the 28th of December.

For the last time, Goya Goya, without knowing that at the end of the day it will actually confirm the first incorporation for Andrés Lillini, dio a entender la primicia: Santiago Ormeño de Puebla se summará a la pretemporada de Pumas.

¿Visit a caer? Innocent palomita!

No, it’s a team figure

Solo si llega un buen reemplazo