Psychology and benefits: 2020, another year to increase self-care

Nadie imagined that by 2020 our global pandemic, economic, social and psychological effects will continue to take its toll on its totality.

The situations are repeated in the majority of the countries: people who lose close relatives and do not look after children; people who are unsuccessful in order to live a day for another; children are placed 24 hours a day in their homes, receiving classes in front of a pant; pads saturated by teletrabajo and the complete care of his hips; Intra-family violence and gender, accredited by the obligatory encroachment.

OnCuba account of the last months of this year with the master of the psychology company Yaima Águila Ribalta, who talked about necessary themes in times of inconvenience, solitude, anxiety and depression.

We will continue to propose a summary of the published chapters at the moment, while we hope for the results we will have in 2021. A year later, by 2020, we will increase the emotional and psychological self-sufficiency.

1- The ability to anticipate: is it possible to prevent the future?

It is necessary to analyze what is happening, how to deal with conflicts, what strategies to solve problems are effective, how to deal with them and how to manage their emotions.

The ability to anticipate: is it possible to prevent the future?

2- How to learn to be solo?

What we can affect are only solos. More to combat solitude, we focus on working internally with our emotions and our self-esteem.

How to learn to be solo?

3- Uitbrandingsouer: cuando criar desgasta

More to the point, however, the problem is in the emotional imbalance that produces the constant exposure to stress.

Uitbrandingsouer: cuando criar desgasta

4-Toxic Relationships: Breaking a Cactus

Whenever the angle does not contribute to the crime of interacting women, that there is no possibility of learning mutually and communicating with assertiveness, there will be a negative relationship.

Toxic relations: abrazar a un cactus

December 5 and nostalgia

How can you put the family together in the end-of-year celebrations?

December and nostalgia