Provoke envidias! Usa Maribel Guardia pantalón de sus 15 jaar

The ex “Miss Costa Rica” was distracted by being one of the most beautiful figures of the pantale, Maribel Guardia has challenged the time of preserving a rostrum and a silhouette of digital enlightenment with more than one lie of its recent revelation: “Todavía me queda un pantalón de quand tenía 15 years”.

Charismatic cost license atrapa todas las miradas en cada lugar que pisa, pero su notable belleza no llega solo por casualidad ya que es la misma conductora quien también revel sus susos de la eterna juventud.

From the very young, Maribel Guardia it conquests some spaces and fue in a contest where the high actress, singer and company will discover its great potential.

Up to 61 years of age, the “ex reina de belleza” continues to be captivated by its admirers of the trousers and in its social networks, each of which has more followers.

Has the jovial theme interpreted as also sharing some advice to its fans to maintain an optimal care of its body, physique and spiritually.

The curvilinear figure of a television compartment contains some of its secrets of beauty, it is accompanied by some anecdotes from when it was very young and the ones that are under construction.

It is difficult to imagine that at some point in his life, the presenter and detached “fitness” of the social speeches had to feel that “he was not good”.

For the past 19 years, she has been convicted by her husband in a contest, Maribel Guardia has no idea what she wants to do.

Ten years ago, she lived in Costa Rica and was a psychology student who thought about going to college with her teacher when she graduated from Miss Costa Rica. Her hermana burgemeester, who assumes the cargo of mother when Maribel quedu huérfana to the new years, mando his photo without consulting.

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“What a Miss Miss Costa Rica!”

My mom sold me an ankle and bought me a vest because I don’t have a vest as a cocktail. I’m like 20 girls and I’m, fui sin ninguna expectativa, me hicieron las entrevistas y al día siguiente me despierta mi mama: ‘¡Qué ganaste Miss Costa Rica!’, Ahí fue cuando todo cambió, recuerda Maribel Guardia en interview.

Ahí en adelante, la vida de la actresses und conductor dio un giro inesperado, tras el triunfo del certamén llegó un premiumo par par de prense en México como “La más fotogenénica”, algo de lo que revela “hasta ella misma dudaba” .

There is never a photogenic, and there is a very red car, it is like a tortilla, signaled between giants.

The tall mother of José Julián Figueroa, the only one who owned the joint with Joan Sebastián, the eldest of the little José Julián is one of the best preserved stars of the spectacle, without embarrassment, never considered that the belleza would lead an army to his favor, express .

His first appearance on television was on ‘El loco’ Valdés and Mauricio Garcés. “No la dejaban ni hablar”, account.

My first TV show, which aired Noche a Noche with ‘El loco’ Valdés and Mauricio Garcés, had me adorned sentados in the middle of the two and not me dejaban hablar, salía todo the program sonriendo en lo que ellos hablaban y contaban chistes , pero yo era como un florero de ahí, eso me deprimió muchísimo … Un día dije ‘Voy a demostrarles que sí puedo hablar y empecé haciendo teatro ”.

Fue en la opra llamada “Los Caballeros de la mesa redonda” in 1980, donde initiated his career in theater with this first play on stage.

As part of this, Maribel has been able to demonstrate his abilities to reach out in the media to the fact that he has participated in more than 60 television projects and one of the most recent hits in the movie “The Croods 2”, a an infant who signals the hope “to be in a house next to his net of three years”.

Reveal his secret to maintain his good figure

In the long run of the interview, the reconnaissance “Mejor actriz protagónica de México” reveals some of its secrets for mantenerse joven y escultural, señalando que la clave de ello, es la “buena alimentación”.

También can also teach Enamora to the fans, Maribel Guardia with his most beautiful outfit

“Guys on a pantyhose when you are 15 years old”

One of the things he always treated me with was my weight, he never allowed me to put on more than four kilos, even though it was not enough for me to detain him, because if I had to fall, he would lie down five times or sit down. it is uncontrollable. I have a pair of trousers from ten years ago that I would like to hear and say: this is my reference ”,