Problems in the set of ‘The Batman’: Robert Pattinson, contra las cuerdas

The Chinese industry has been holding back for a long time now, as the coronavirus pandemic has forced it to close down rooms, cancel roads, retrieve strata, y in definite,’n navigate against current to the large number of months. The great super-productions have always managed calendars plagued by interruptions, between them, Gotham’s new hero superhero, ‘The Batman’.

The new movie, which is with Robert Pattinson on Bruce Wayne’s papel, and with filmmaker Matt Reeves on the mandate of the board, started grabbing the first principles of this year, with the provision of reading to the Chinese in the 2021. Without embarrassment, the production of two detainees during five months and picks with the reading of the first ola of COVID, and later, to the days of returning to the finals of Verano , is paralyzed by new debt to positive effect of Pattinson’s proposal.

And now, all these complications, the project is still a new challenge. Second he informed various British media, such as The sun, las spanninges hy aflorado entre la strella protagonista y el dirisseur. And it is the perfectionism of Reeves’ stature that converts the filming process into an authentic torture for the actor. Segun has revealed a source close to the production, “The rod is being agotador, especially for Robert”.

Al parecer, Reeves “insists on rehearsing the scenes once and for all, immediately giving every detail. In fact, it’s the sensation that no one knows how to talk “. This is something that has always been revealed by the director habría hecho a Pattinson realisar hasta cincuenta tomas distintas vestido con el pesado traje del superhéroe, leading to interpretation to the extenuación.

The part of the movie that Pattinson leads is integrated, in addition, by Colin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz, Geoffrey Wright and Paul Dano. Through the successful retreats in the grab, the train wreck has been pushed to the March 4, 2022. Although it has been a long time coming, the team has managed to overcome its difficulties.