Princess Sofia lava baths and serve comedy in hospital ante Covid in Sweden | EL IMPARCIAL

ESTOCOLMO, Sweden.- Neither the coronavirus pandemic has been detained by Princess Sofia Cristina in his work as honorary president of Sophiahemmet Hospital, but he has also paid attention to nurses and doctors.

SVT, local television, published a note in which he addressed the works he had received from members of the real family, stating that he had heard of Princess Sofia, who had helped to cook and in the limp of the hospital facilities as patients and sanitary.

“I feel like I need to help myself to powder”, Sofia said, who since April has supported her nosocomio, but in that the contingency of health coronavirus tomaba was killed in Europe.

Have a week Sofia has a positive attitude towards the virus along with his wife, Carlos Felipe. It is suspected that both of them were in contact with the hospital staff at the hospital.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Sweden accumulates 367 miles 120 contagios and 7 miles 993 decades, it presents a 2% mortality from coronavirus.

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