Preview of 2021: Halo Infinite aims to win over critics

Halo Infinite “href =” “> Halo Infinite has long been expected by fans of the franchise, desperate for Master Chief to take his place among the top of the game to recover. level after some disappointing entries on Xbox One “href =” “> Xbox One.

But after an overwhelming pin debut and a delay after the launch of the Xbox Series X | S “href =” “> Xbox Series X, Halo” href = “”> Halo Infinite fans are worried about the direction of the iconic shooter franchise.

Infinite has been delayed until the fall / fall of 2021, which Xbox Game Studios (Microsoft) “href =” “> Microsoft says this is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and response Thurrott also reported that much of the development was outsourced to third parties which contributed to the development issues.

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More recently, Joseph Staten, a longtime franchise figure, announced that he was taking over the role of creative director at Halo Infinite after former director Chris Lee withdrew from the project following the reaction to Infinite’s initial demo.

It would only take one year after the former creative director for the game, Tim Longo, was reappointed, leaving the campaign development of Halo Infinite in the hands of Mary Olsen, who would then leave 343 in October 2019.

The most important information for Halo fans was the news that the game would now be released in the fall of 2021, a full year after the initial launch date. Although no specific date was given, Bonnie Ross “href =” “> Bonnie Ross, founder and studio director of 343 tweeted the blog with the headline:” So proud of the work this team has done and look forward to sharing more soon. Fall of 2021 … hmm, does anyone have an anniversary coming up? “

The 20th anniversary of Halo Combat Evolved takes place on November 15, 2021 – a probable release date for Halo Infinite.

The extensive blog post contains improvements the team has implemented since the announcement of the delay, including a section where they directly refer to ‘Craig’, a lifeless enemy who was prominent in the demo and became the lightning rod for many of the online mockery.

Neill Harrison, director of arts management at 343, said of the internet’s favorite brute: ‘Work has continued on the material fidelity and more variety has been added for Brute faces. We are also working on adding some hair and beards, something we did not have in July. Although we love our dear old Craig, he is definitely going for some substantial makeup. ”

“For the first time for the series, Infinite’s multiplayer will play for free. As announced on Twitter in July 2019, the game will also support a 120FPS mode on compatible screens with the Xbox Series X. ‘

The blog post also included new details from the live team on how the ongoing support for the game is going to work.

While the team has confirmed that the game will not feature outdoor buses, the controversial “coverage” system will remain. While the customization of the armor in previous Halo games amounted to RGB colors from which players could choose, the covers are more skins that give armor different textures and patterns compared to the original flat colorful designs of the early games.

It did not go down well among fans, and many of them believe that it limits creativity and adaptation by players.

A multiplayer screen with updated footage.

Although there will be no outer chests, you can buy clothes, but this can also be achieved through the game. The first of these has been available for some time via promotional cans of Monster energy drinks that have been embellished since the summer of 2020 with Master Chief, an agreement reached before the delay of Infinite, which uses the cans as promotional remnants of a game let what you can get for but not play for a year.

In a first for the series, Infinite’s multiplayer will play for free. As announced on Twitter in July 2019, the game will also support a 120FPS mode on compatible screens with the Xbox “href =” “> Xbox Series X. The free -play multiplayer component was part of a leak also called the 120FPS mode, however this leak revealed that the game would have a combat pass, something that Microsoft has not yet confirmed.

This makes sense as a free level of multiplayer rewards increases significantly as the player pays is very popular in games like Fortnite “href =” “> Fortnite and Call Of Duty: Call of Duty Warzone “href =” “> Warzone. Especially considering Microsoft’s Game Pass, the price to upgrade to the full experience will be just under £ 10 a month.

There have also been widespread rumors in recent months about a Royal Royale mode, which would allegedly take place on a Halo ring, but these rumors quickly noticed that the order to include a Battle Royale mode, from Microsoft comes and not from 343.

Given the great popularity of the mode in other games, it’s not surprising, but if it’s not something 343 is passionate about and is merely a guideline, it’s worrying that it will divert resources from what’s already. is a difficult development cycle.