‘Pretend It’s a City’: Preview of Martin Scorsese’s Netflix documentary Fran Lebowitz

The project follows Lebowitz, who is known for her witty humor and social commentary as she wanders around the city with which she has become synonymous.

“Fran Lebowitz knows what she likes – and what she does not like. And she will not wait for an invitation to tell you,” Netflix said of the January 8 project.

It also features interviews with the 70-year-old essayist, which enables her to lament the issues she sees in her city – in the trailer, Lebowitz points out the subway system and the existence of a bookstore in the middle of the Times. Square.

“For decades, the critic and essayist has been expressing her opinions, sometimes horribly, always riotously,” Netflix said.

“Lebowitz, a New Yorker at heart, spoke straight to an art form and wrapped up her remarks about the city and its inhabitants in a poignant commentary, which spares no one.”

The project brings Scorsese back to the streaming platform, following the launch of his epic 2019 film ‘The Irishman’ starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

On January 7, Netflix releases another production supervised by the legendary director. ‘Pieces of a Woman’, executive producer by Scorsese, follows a couple navigating the aftermath of a miscarriage.

The New Year period is usually a busy period for new releases on streaming services, and Netflix is ​​seeing increasing competition from newer competitors.

The company recently announced a price increase for the service, and other streaming platforms are expected to do the same in what is quickly becoming an overcrowded industry.