Presidente de Federación de Béisbol is a favorable design secretary of DRD

The President of the Puerto Rican Baseball Federation, José Quiles, received this March with allegory and optimism the design of Olympic ex-athlete Ray Quiñones Vázquez as the new Secretary of the Department of Recreation and Sports (DRD).

“Confidence that this number represents a new beginning in relations between the Government of Puerto Rico and the principal deportations of the country. We will be able to cover four years of malnutrition and poor cooperation “, Quiles said in a written statement.

Ray Quiñones Vázquez is a high school student with knowledge, history and experience in directing the DRD. Albergo hopes that the new Secretary will extend the communication points with the Federations to effectively promote the development of sports in the communities with joint initiatives “, added Quiles.

“I have a lot of enthusiasm that the DRD is directed by a sportswoman with Ray’s knowledge and tray directory. Pese the difficulties and retos that enfrantamos as pais, the panorama is hopeful for the sport. The Puerto Rican Football Federation is on the list of the designated DRD Secretariat to work on collaborative projects and promote sports as a way to improve peace and social security, ”said the President of the Puerto Rican Baseball Federation.

“The DRD’s Secretariat is a green depot, who knows the value of effort and the genuine love of Puerto Rico, who knows how to defend and honor the patriotic colors. “Because he knows, he can insure, that he differs from the last ones who occupy the office of the agency, and Ray never gave up the uniform in the deporte,” concluded Quiles.