Predictions for 2021 follow the Chinese calendar!

For millions of people this year has been one of the most difficult for those who have passed through it, there is an interim period of what we are talking about next year when we start one day, for those who support it in predictions like that mention the chino calendar and what we will repair it 2021.

This year 2020, it has been fatal that thousands of people have lost their lost lives, others are constantly battling with illness and another number that has also attracted attention, are the people who are suffering from CO emissions causing the pandemic.

There are certainly millions of people who are waiting for us to leave in 2021, at the moment only when we can “trust” the predictions that on many occasions he has completed, because there are many miles of people who are expecting and having good comments from the living, all that can make predictions (also based on the calendars and horoscopes) that have been well-known for their well-being and those that are not really true.

There are many ways in which many of their predictions are realized, in which case we will find good news, among the people that we can create a panoramic view of the future of the scientists, expert astrologers or simply the most curious. as ours, with them looking for some herramentas to make possible by example the horosc0po chino.

On October 10th, the Nation’s Youtube channel shared a video titled “Pospandemia: what is it that we are talking about in 2021,” said Ludovica Squirru, “while the astrologer revealed what we were talking about in 2021.

The video explains what it is that this year was not only solely social policy, in addition to the predictions that were previously made by 2020, and also of a premise that we will enter this year.

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According to the calendar and the Chinese culture, each year is rich in an animal that has much to do with the development of the proprietary year, in addition to the deaths of which animal tendencies will benefit well said “you are”, the year 2021 will rule for the metal buffalo this animal is related to the following characteristics:

  • Discipline
  • Order
  • Esfuerzo
  • Work
  • Family

Ludovica Squirru is a writer, poet, actress and renowned astrologer of Argentine origin claiming that the next year will be endowed with the characteristics of the metal buffalo, but that there will be a world with more control over the authorities, the year that will be over the rate of metal, the astrologer affirms that this year as the prophecy in his book horoscope0 chino 2020 that the “rate of metal” cobras some interesting karmic interests and that serian many people who pay in various lands, quiz referred to CO 19 .

Thanks Ludovica, happy birthday and a big hug. Very good power salute by this medium. His books of astrology, from chiquita, eran the apology for the reunion and charla of the feminine line of the family “, the writer in a publication.

The astrologer has 37 books published in the length of his career, each year launching a new edition of the one that will be published this year, his works are published in Latin America, United States and part of South America.

We hope that what we will do in 2021 will be the only majority in our country as well as in the society and politics of our countries.

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