Practical with the AirPods Max Shield Case from WaterField Designs

Earlier this week, we highlighted a few third-party accessories that want to address the shortcomings of Apple’s AirPods Max Smart case, including a new zippered case from WaterField Designs, which makes the headphones work much better to protect the headphones while not in use. .

Our videographer Dan had the chance to try out WaterField’s new $ 99 leather Shield Case, and he was impressed with its quality and usability. However, he feels that this is the kind of thing that should have been shipped with the ‘AirPods Max’ in the first place, rather than requiring a purchase of third-party accessories above and beyond the $ 549 price tag for the AirPods Max‌ itself.

airpods maximum shield box 3

The Shield Case is certainly bulky, but there’s not much WaterField could do about it, considering the design of the AirPods Max, which allows the earbuds to rotate just inward and does not allow a more compact folded setup that can be seen on many other excessive umbrellas. over headphones.

If you can live with the largest amount, the Shield Case offers a number of beautiful features, including a design with zipper that fully protects the ‘AirPods Max’, as opposed to Apple’s Smart Case which has the headband and even parts of the earbuds expose.

airpods maximum shield box 2

In addition to the main compartment for the AirPods Max, the Shield Case contains three smaller pockets for cables and other accessories: a deep, padded one with a zipper on the front of the case, a mesh on the back and a small one with a velcro closure in the suitcase.

One of the primary benefits of Apple’s Smart Case is that it can instantly put your ‘AirPods Max’ in low-power mode to conserve battery power, by using magnets embedded in the case around the mode to activate. WaterField’s Shield Case does the same thing, thanks to what it calls Magnetic Leather Butterfly, a leather flap with built-in magnets that not only causes low power mode, but also helps keep the two ‌AirPods Max‌ earbuds from touching each other.

airpods maximum shield box 1

If you want to bring your Smart Case with you ‌AirPods Max‌, you have also covered the Shield Case there, as the ‌AirPods Max‌ / Smart Case combination just fits nicely inside and the leather butterfly falls out of the way.

airpods maximum shield box 4

All in all, the Shield Case from WaterField Designs is a quality product that does its job well. It costs a bit expensive at $ 99, but if you are already willing to spend $ 549 on the AirPods Max, it can be a valuable addition to protect your purchase.

The Shield Case is available in four styles: chocolate leather and waxy cloth, black leather with ballistic nylon, blue leather with ballistic nylon, and crimson leather with ballistic nylon. Similar to the ‌AirPods Max‌ itself, the Shield Case is in short supply, with new orders shipping on February 19th.