Players Missing, a Rough First Half for the Browns Attack / Defense – Terry Pluto’s Halftime Scribbles

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Scribbled in my notebook as the Browns followed the Jets, 13-3, in the half.

1. Although a lot was played about the Browns missing two offensive lineouts and four receivers, it was also the defense that had problems. This was especially true in the pass coverage.

2. The Jets’ first TD comes on a 43-yard pass from receiver Jamison Crowder to fellow receiver Braxton Berrios. The Browns defense was deceived and Berrios was wide open. It was a great cover.

3. New York’s next TD on an 11-yard TD pass from Sam Darnold to Chris Herndon. Herndon was wide open in the end zone when Denzel Ward and Karl Joseph got confused and did not follow one to the end zone.

4. It was a tough day for Nick Harris, and he made his first NFL on the right guard. He gave up a bag. He also seems to be overwhelmed on a few other plays. Mayfield was sacked twice in the first half. He was also rushed regularly. This is the biggest pressure he has experienced since the Browns lost 38-7 in Pittsburgh on October 18th.

5. This match shows what a good task rookie Jedrick Wills did on left handle. He missed the match due to a non-COVID illness. Kendall Lamm started off with the left attack and struggled. He also gave up a bag. Baker Mayfield was fired three times.

6. The Browns rushed no yards in the first quarter. That’s right … ZERO. Nick Chubb carried the ball four times and could not get a yard. In the half, Chubb had 6 yards in eight vessels. Kareem Hunt has one carry, minus 2 meters. It is therefore four meters in nine wear.

7. The Jets ranked in the game on the no. 30 against the run, so it was not as if the Browns came up with an excellent defense. The offensive line is overwhelming.

8. I thought this might be a good day for Hunt. He was for the most part half not part of the offense. He drops. Another throw for him was low and behind the running back. And he wore the one for minus-2. Finally, in the last minute of the half, he gets a pass for 8 yards. He should be a focal point in the second half.

9. The Browns threw out to go to a fixed point. Austin Hooper, who catches five catches for 54 yards. Fellow tighthead Harrison Bryant got three passes for 37 yards. Wide receivers caught just one pass, a 6-year-old rookie Ja’Marcus Bradley.

10. I was a little tired of hearing the TV people talk about how the Browns had to delay their flight by 4 1/2 hours on Saturday when they worked out the COVID-19 editions. Look, this is a charter flight. They do not travel by stage coach.