Pittsburgh Steelers’ Diontae Johnson sets for 39-yard TD catch against Indianapolis Colts

PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh Steelers’ score in the late-third quarter will come down to a 39-yard drop in the state clique, but the ball from Ben Roethlisberger to Diontae Johnson flew about 50 yards into the air to put them within two counts pull. the Indianapolis Colts.

It was a drastic departure from the short-lived and incomplete attacks that permeated the first half of Sunday afternoon’s game against the Colts.

For the best part of the game, Roethlisberger looked like the quarterback who threw for just 19 yards in the first half in the first half. But going 24-7 with just over three minutes left in the third quarter, Roethlisberger unleashed his deepest throw of the game and hit Johnson in the final on the first game of their ninth ride.

On the verge of blowing out in their final home game of the regular season, the Steelers desperately needed the power play – especially after the previous ride ended on a failed fourth down on the goal line. Despite a Colts penalty kick that put the ball on the 1-yard line, the Steelers failed.