Pierde peso y gana muscle: 12 cardio exercises and strength to transform the body

To those, altars, with the amount of possibilities that the world fitness offers, enarbolar la bandera de la pereza y la falta de tiempo para ne hacer un poco de eiercicio no tiene cabida. In fact, there is an infinity of training routines that allow you to complete the physical activity diaries without having to invert any time.

Combining cardio and strength exercises is possible, we will lose weight, develop muscle and, finally, be in shape. Just a little bit of planning. “Depending on the persona, pero recommend to those who only have media time to train to incorporate three days a week full body training to estimate the muscles and other three normal cardio and HIIT routines. Important is the training of strength like cardio because it alternates between types of routines “, signaled Sergio Peinado, Licensed in Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Routine full body

For this, we have a routine planned by the Peinado property, which pursues the objective of first mentioning working the main muscle groups of the body in order to develop and maintain a healthy weight. Scientific evidence confirms that it is the best training focus that can be adopted in the news, tanto si queremos adelgazar como gozar de buena salud en general.

12 basic exercises to transform the body

  • Shear jumps
  • Sentadilla turned off
  • Flexions
  • Abdominal
  • Subir a la silla
  • Sentadillas
  • Tripods
  • Plancha
  • Sprint on site
  • Zancadas
  • Flexible mano arriba
  • Lateral plancha

Dynamics of routine

  • Calentar antes de iniciar la routina
  • 30 segues by eiercicio
  • 10 second seconds between each one
  • x3 rounds
  • 1 minute of relaxation between rounds

Depending on your state of form and circumstances you can complete one, including three rounds on the circuit, which is approximately between 10 and 30 minutes of physical activity if we take into account the necessary calendering and the time of descent between owners and series. But the new Physical Activity Directors of the World Health Organization are online.

The organism, led by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a recommended completion of 150 to 300 minutes of active activity Aerobics of moderate or vigorous intensity during the week, say, between 30 and 60 minutes a day. Y nee todos.

But it is precisely to note that for physical activity, the OMS does not only provide physical ownership, which defines as a subcategory that is planetary, is structured, repetitive and has the objective of maintaining or maintaining one of the most components of the physical state, meaning that also includes another type of activity as they comprise the properties of the work, the facilities -a pie o en bicicleta-, the domestic areas and including recreational activities such as renting.

As well as the cardio and strength training, both impressive and high-performance activities that you can take with you to play with the most important ones, you will be able to improve our physical condition and, finally, ours. hello. Do you think it takes 30 minutes to invest in your property?