PHOTOS: The inauguration of the Museo Casa Manzanero museum where the Mexican singer could have covied CoVID-19 and now have a debate in speeches | El Salvador News

Last December 11, the Mexican composer and singer assisted in the launch of the recent alberga the history of bolero and its artistic tray. With a lack of use of mascara and various assistants, the activity is both the public scrutiny.

La death of singer Armando Manzanero, the madwoman of this month, December 28, has been involved in the Latin American artistic world. As well as the patterns of condolence he has shown in the social speeches and messages of solidarity he has read to the relatives of the Yucateco, the speculations about a negligence on the part of the artist and his allegations have not been delayed in selling it lightly.

Many cybercriminals have signaled in advance that they would like to know that Manzanero has been diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2, he attended the inauguration of Museo Casa Manzanero, a recent cultural construct as a tribute to the singer of “Nada personal”, based in Mérida. The event celebrated the 11th of December, with various invitations and photographs to show off the failed artist making a bad use of the mascara.

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“The cost of living is a complete pandemic. Qué irresponsible! “,” Is Adonde contagious? The meetings are a factor of risk and if the aggregate does not use the mascara correctly “,” Don Armando is contagious in his homage. Is there a series that is still here? All forms are lamentable in this decade. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to your family. If there is no idea, it will live forever ”, there were some comments made by cybernetics in a Facebook post on the Mexico Desconocido portal, announcing the museum’s legacy.

Además, the users of Twitter tomaron as reference, of the event in which the manzanero and donde pudo haberse contagiado, a tuit hecho by the Secretary of Tourism of the Gobierno of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, who published the passage of December 11 this year of the Casa Manzanero Museum and other tourist attractions in Merida.

“Every day since the death of Armando Manzanero, we know that some days before his hospitalization he had nothing to do: he inaugurated a museum in his native land and assisted in a tumult of people. Caray, a ver si ya se quedan en su casa… ”, wrote the user @Ale_Villanueva.

Armando Manzanero during the inauguration of the Casa Manzanero Museum. Photo EDH / Retomada from the portal

The Casa Manzanero Museum has 310 square meters and was designed to accommodate three thematic themes, which “support technology and interaction with visitors”, in agreement with the Mexico web portal Desconocido: la sala Never in the world, which has a revision of the bolero as a musical genre and addresses the history of Merida in the early middle of Sail XX, when Manzanero was a teenager; the area No one is there, which recovers the price of the career of this master of music (premiums, gears, emblematic concerts) and the salon Esta tarde vi llover, which exposes “the most intimate facet of Manzanero’s quals reflect his life in the family, his contributions to culture and his participations in Chinese cinema and television”, according to the magazine Architectural Digest México.

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The Mexican press announced on December 18 that the reconstituted composer had been hospitalized by COVID-19, in addition to a major liver, complicating the virus with the presence of pre-existing diseases (diabetes and rhinitis problems) in Manzanero.

Part of the elements that adorn the Casa Manzanero Museum, which are now housed in an iconic space. Photo EDH / Retomada from the portal