PHOTOS: Presenter of Telemundo Rodner Figueroa celebrates Christmas in El Salvador together with his new and presumed favorite place | El Salvador News

The Venezuelan Collegiate presenter trembles with a photo of a paradise lying next to his new salvadoran and has been announced to his followers.

More enamored than ever. Asi lucen Rodner Figueroa y su novio, el salvadoreño Ernesto Mathies; in the photographs and stories given by the “magic of Christmas”.

The Venezuelan presenter surpassed his more than 1 million followers in sharing his courage with them and showcasing the most intimate moments of these festivities.

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Photo: Instagram

“Adivinen para donde vamos”, Rodner wrote in an image that showed him in a room of an airport next door to his new home. This is the pre-emptive series for the published publication.

His enigmatic question was immediately answered: “Mi bello país, El Salvador”, “A ver a la mama de Ernesto”, y “Espero que a El Salvador a pasar una las mejores navidades en el pulgarcito”, adivinaron sus seguidores.

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And as is true, it is the first Christmas that the presenter of Telemundo did not have his mother wanted, then she recently failed.

Fortunately, Ernesto’s novice was able to recapture his heart. Prove this to the all-rounder Navidad that the Rodner regal, to the best salvadoran style.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Rodeado of the Ernesto family, the Venezuelan presenter presented his journey and enjoyed to the fullest his stage in the Central American country.

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With the sound of “oreja o oreja” Rodner Figueroa presumes that well what happened in E Salvador. Hecho, presumably the lie that more than the song of this country.

“Coatepeque Lake, my favorite place in El Salvador! A heavenly gift in heaven! ”, Was the message that Rodenr wrote to publish a beautiful photo of the place.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

The image of paradise places the emotions between its followers. “What a paradise”, “El Salvador is a hermitage of the earth. His people are amiable, the landscapes are as if they were painted and their comics are rich. I am from the Dominican Republic and I love this country ”,“ I think he entered the conquest, there are many friends of El Salvador and I love his people ”,“ I live alone, thank you for sharing photos of our beloved El Salvador ”, and “Yo lo conocí hace años y tengo que volver”, fueron algunos de los comentarios que reibiu su publicationa.

Rodner also had a good time sharing his stories, photos and videos while presuming much of what he knows about the café. Ambos recreates a fine finch and lies refreshed in a jet sky passage by the Coatepeque lagoon.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

His novel Ernesto did not appear at the entrance and collated images on Thursday during the reunion with nochebuena family. There is no doubt that the photo that robes the brave to all is about what is next to his beautiful mother.

“Merry Christmas, that you have your mother and our dear Rodner”, “The best decision that Tomaron had to make in a family”, “Very distinctive is his mother and my father Y ustedes bellos ”, y“ Come rico en el pulgarcito y disfruten ”, les desearon sus seguidores.