Photo and dactyls required to activate mobile

The Board of the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) will issue a new resolution on January 11 next, which will be added to Resolution 92-19, for take control of the cellular register and avoid the activations of the robotic teams.

The president of the Indotel, Nelson Arroyo, told Listín Diario that his resolutions would include a register of cellular IMEIs at the time of being activated, in order to determine that he was not robbed.

Resolution 070-19, said Arroyo, is in the hope that service providers will install the equipment that will be required and will be required for the people who will activate a cellular, such as their photographs and the collocation of their dactyls.

This provision, “Norma which regulates the contracting and activation of public telecommunications services”, was approved by the Board of Directors of the Indotel, but it is necessary to enter into force the 11th of January.

Ayer, the Listín editorializó on the theme and llamo to return the sanctions to tends that adquieran cellular a sabienda of his dudosa property, a proposito del asalto mano armada al director of periodic El Día y su familia el pasado sábado en un parque en la community of San Cristóbal.

In recent weeks, the Indotel will launch an explanatory process of the standard for its importation.


Preparation of the registration and use of the mobile (cellular) terminal equipment and the reasons, the internal data bases of the members of the Association of Companies of Communication and Technology (Comtec), are interconnected to the Centralized Data Base ( BCD) of the Negative Series System that manages the Indotel. Claudia García, Executive Director of Comtec, states that the operators have used their speeches and systems to ensure that they consult the Negative Series System in the process of registering and accessing mobile terminal equipment and its red.

In addition, customer service providers have robotic terminal reporting mechanisms or losses that are presently present in their work hours and telephony service centers in the 24-hour mode during these days.


January 11 enters resolution

Next year, users will be able to activate a cell phone while taking a photo and punching it.

Nelson Arroyo verklaar al die tener el registero IMEI se tiene control de la persona que active un cellular, medida de la resolutions 92-19.