Philippe Coutinho’s injury, more serious than expected

Philippe Coutinho cayó lesionado in the last minutes of the FC Barcelona match in front of Eibar, in which the scenes take place in tables in the last year of the year. More about the result, the most preoccupied with him the color patterns of ‘Cou’ when echoing al suelo por el ‘pinchazo’ que sintió en su rodilla izquierda. The sensations that dejaron the images yan eran preoccupants, but after the club communication the peasants were confirmed for the Brazilian.

Barça’s medical services confirm Maron que Coutinho sufre una lesion en el menisco externo de la rodilla izquierda, because it tends to pass by the chiropractor in the proximity days to someterse to a arthroscopic intervention. Although the club does not estimate a bad time, in principle it is stated that ‘Cou’ podría estar ‘KO’ entre ocho y diez semanas but, given the alcance of the lesion, you can be strong five months.

As informed by your doctor Pedro Ripoll in a video submitted to the EFE Agency. According to the report, the lesion that communicated the medical services of Barcelona by the judge Coutinho, affecting the external meniscus of the articulation, “is a very important lesson, of the most important things that can happen to a rodilla, are that the external meniscus is the main element the protector of the cartilage that has in the article “, explained.” The duration of the cartilage is what determines the life of the athlete, the life of the articulation. To preserve the outer meniscus is important for the future of the sportswoman “, result.

The doctor explained that, given its serious lesion, it is necessary to saturate its structure. “to not lose the amortization paper que eerce en la rodilla “, de allí a que considerere dolencia de Coutinho como una de las més importants que puede sufrir un futbolista y marked in “unes cinco meses minimo” the total recovery of the Brazilian.

Boat, cared for by lesions

The FC Barcelona has come alive in 2020. In the long run of this year, he has injured several players and at the moment the nursery is replete. Pedro Ripoll recorded itTer Stegen and Ansu Fati he passed by the chiropractor through lesions of important importance and also he suffered severe lesions Piqué and the propio Coutinho. Mal año para el Barcelona en quuant a las lesions. We hope that in 2021 there will be a lot more tranquility for all of them “

In the specific case of ‘Cou’, there will be a very important car in all the death parties that kill Barça in the next few months. The irregular arrangement of time for the scenes they die in a very delicate situation in that, definitely, can not score more points in LaLiga. Koeman Pierde is now a very important player in his delinquency and will be obliged to continue making jokes with the available players.