PFT Week 17 2020 NFL Power Rankings

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills

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1. Bills (last week no. 2; 12-3): Four resounding victories in four live national television matches show that the Bills are ready to win several matches in January.

2. Chiefs (No. 1; 14-1): That close win over Atlanta emphasizes that every playoff game will be a battle. They could still win each.

3. Packers (No. 3; 12-3): Matt LaFleur is 25-6 as an NFL head coach, and it went largely unnoticed.

4. Saints (Nos. 4; 11-4): The Saints will go as far as Alvin Kamara takes them.

5. Buccaneers (No. 11; 10-5): they reach a peak at the right time.

6. Seahawks (No. 6; 11-4): #LetRussCrockPot.

7. Ravens (no. 12; 10-5): If they get in, it’s going to be very difficult to get them out.

8. Steelers (No. 9; 12-3): Was their excessive celebration of the AFC North title the product of relief that they eventually won it, or resignation that they would win nothing else?

9. Dolphins (No. 10; 10-5): The last time someone’s neck moved like Ryan Fitzpatrick’s, an exorcism was needed.

10. Browns (No. 7; 10-5): Cleveland fans flashed back to 2007, when 10-6 was not good enough for the playoffs.

11. Titans (No. 8; 10-5): It’s great that they have not scored a playoff spot yet.

12. Colts (No. 5; 10-5): If they miss the playoffs, how can they bring Philip Rivers back?

13. Cardinals (Nos. 13; 8-7): In a year that has begun with the appearance of a higher level of the Cardinals, the environment of .500 in the foreseeable future may be as good as it gets .

14. Bears (nos. 15; 8-7): they finally came out of their long hibernation.

15. Rams (No. 14; 9-6): If John Wolford plays well, it will confirm that Sean McVay is a genius and that they should not have paid Jared Goff $ 33.5 million a year.

16. Cowboys (No. 21; 6-9): Perhaps the Rose Bowl is not the only post-season game played in the AT&T Stadium.

17. Patriots (No. 17; 6-9): Bill Belichick, the GM, should start acting like Bill Belichick, the head coach.

18. Vikings (nos. 16; 6-9): ‘Just good enough’ will have to be good enough in 2021, 2022 and possibly beyond.

19. Washington (No. 18; 6-9): win and in, then you have to face the Buccaneers and lose.

20. Falcons (nos. 19; 4-11): The fact that they have a solid game from time to time makes all the others even less acceptable.

21. Raiders (No. 20; 7-8): It’s easy for Jon Gruden to take all the blame for a loss if he knows he will never really be held accountable by Mark Davis.

22. Chargers (No. 23; 6-9): Can Anthony Lynn finish a four-game winning streak this season, save?

23. 49ers (Nos. 24; 6-9): All options must be in the quarter position on the table.

24. Bengals (No. 26; 4-10-1): They build confidence, and it will help tremendously when Joe Burrow is back.

25. Eagles (No. 22; 4-10-1): With a full off-season and training camp to prepare for, we will see in 2021 how good Jalen Hurts can be.

26. Panthers (No. 30; 5-10): They did better this year than anyone would have expected.

27. Giants (no. 25; 5-10): Yes, the no. 27-team can still host a playoff game.

28. Texans (No. 27; 4-11): JJ Watt’s moving message will resonate well in the locker room … of the new team he joins in 2021.

29. Broncos (Nos. 29; 5-10): This will continue until the ownership issue is resolved.

30. Lions (No. 28; 5-10): if their offense did something in the first half, Tom Brady could possibly stay in the game long enough to pass the singles game record.

31. Jets (Nos. 31; 2-13): tanks for nuttin ‘.

32. Jaguars (No. 32; 1-14): tanks for everything.