Peruvian judiciary declares bankruptcy petitioned against elimination of elections

The Peruvian judiciary declared a tax evasion petition to disqualify the popular party Fuerza Popular for 30 months on the grounds of illegal support from the Brazilian business Odebrecht, with which Keiko Fujimori is running in an electoral career.

“We will receive notification. We will not have a suspension in Popular Fuerza. Twitter.

Mayor Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), the mayor’s political hereditary politician, stated that “this decision strengthens democracy” and allows his party to “participate in equal conditions”.

“What the people decide”, the apostle tras califaro as arbitrator the taxpayer José Domingo Pérez, which has been investing for more than three years.

The judge Víctor Zúñiga concluded in a case of 44 pages that “declared the demand for suspension of activities of the political party Fuerza Popular”.

The case eliminates the arrangements that will run the fujimorismo ante the presidential and legislative elections of April 11, 2021.

With a fall adversity, fujimorismo hubiera quedado impedido de competi.

The tax authorities are looking for the truck to carry out the investigations against Keiko, 45 years old, and he will receive by default Odebrecht’s illegal money.

Keiko aspires to be in the presidency, losing stakes in the ballot box in 2011 and 2016.

The cause of the crime is that a criminal organization is constituted within Fuerza Popular in order to obtain political power and recover money illegally.

“We are soliciting this suspension because who currently owns (…) the representation and presidency of the party is Keiko Fujimori, who has known the consent of the diner who entered into this organization”, said the fiscal on November 30 to present his petition .

Keiko, who has been in preventive prison for 16 months from this case, has not received any illegal money for his 2011 and 2016 campaigns.

The Odebrecht case also tossed to some Peruvian exmandatarios.

In a recent interview with the AFP, Keiko states that “this suspension request, if it is granted, in reality it is a death penalty for the party”.

Keiko’s father, now 82 years old, complements a 25-year-old condemnation of corruption and crimes against humanity in his government.

Fujimorism has been a gravitational force since 1990, having lost its influence and its two protagonists during the crisis that led Peru to hold three presidents in the following days: Martín Vizcarra (in power between March 2018 and November 9th), Manuel Merino (who has five governors) and Francisco Sagasti, the current secretary.