Pedro Aquino says goodbye to Leon: “Faltan cosas to concret, pero se va”, dijo president of the mexican club, Jesús Martínez | America | League MX | Mexico | NCZD Peruvian Selection | FOOTBALL-PERUANO

Traspaso in the horn. Pedro Aquino has everything he needs to start the 2021 season with a new team, reconciling this month Jesus Martínez, president of the León club. Tras distancing in the MX League, the camisette of the flight of the Peruvian selection is imminent.

“Pedro Aquino pidió salir del team, es un hecho. Faltan cosos par concretar, pero se va ”, signaled the maximum directive of ‘La Fiera’ in communication with the Mexican program ‘Espacio Deportivo’, announcing that in the near future official news about the salute of the Sporting Cristal executor and his proxies destino.

Aquino has advanced negotiations with the ‘Eagles’. Team to represent the Lobos BUAP and León in the maximum category of Aztec ballet, the midfielder despises the interests of the powerful America, team with the most titled in Mexico.

The 25-year-old footballer will be converted into the second tier of the United States, which was announced one day after the signing of Mauro Lainez, Tijuana’s claimant. The Mexican giant todavia does not know who will be replaced in the bench by Miguel Ángel Herrera, forwarded the elimination of the Americans in the semifinals of the Concachampions.

Aquino defended in 2017 the colors of Lobos BUAP. Luego, since the 2018-19 season, the national player has been included in the ‘Esmeraldas’ clubs. This campaign is the crown champion of the Aperture 2020 of the MX League with 20 participants.