Paul McCartney makes sure he communicates with George Harrison through an arrow

Paul McCartney continues to be very present in his life with one of the group’s integrators who converts to one of the greatest stars of all time music, The Beatles. Of the members of the legendary British band only quenched by the living today: McCartney and Ringo Starr. Assigned by John Lennon, in December 1980, followed in 2001 with the death of George Harrison, which failed in the last 58 years of a pulmonary cancer.

Pero McCartney has revealed that todavia maintains a species of spiritual communication with the guitarist. And lo hace, curiously, have an obsequio that hizo the proprietary Harrison hace years: an abeto.

Así narrates McCartney la historia, hace poco, and a program of the BBC: “George enchanted the horticulture, was a very good gardener, as I regal this year. It’s a huge abbey and I’ve planted it next to mine “. The artist added and continued that tiende a saludar al árbol cuando se va de casa: “Le digo: ‘Hola, George'”.

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McCartney also explained that el árbol le trae buenas memoirs of his partner, as the roads leading autostop in that both are embarrassed when eran jóvenes. “It’s scary. It’s me dio and you simply planted it. Pero now, in the midst of the passing years, I see that I have thought: ‘It is the river that George’s me’. George entered this year, in my opinion. Hope you are happy with it“, remató.

It is not the first time that British music has been abhorrent of its spiritual experiences with failed people. In 2018, related to the media The times como, al poco de morir su mujer, Linda, tomó unas alucinógenas que le llevaron a volver a ferl en forma de ardilla blanca. “Fue un gran momento”, aseguró entonces.