Papa Francisco suffers health problems and cancels official mission of Año Nuevo

The Vatican’s press office has announced that Pope Francisco will not be able to celebrate the liturgical offices of Te Deum in thanksgiving for the end of the year, as well as the first celebration of 2021, which will take place this year 1 of the first debit and which will take place.

The Verdad News reports that Papa Francisco is suffering from a “sciatic force” that produces a herniated disc, an oesophageal sphincter in the vertebral column or a stretch of the vertebral column stenosis of the vertebral conduit compressing part of the nerve, which provokes strong pain.

Cabe mentions that the Vatican confirmed that the month will not be canceled, but will not be officiated by the Pontifical, in his place the head of the Prefecto Emeritus of the Congregation for the Bishops and Presidents Emeritus of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America and Cardinal Dean, Giovanni Battista Cardenal Re, who will celebrate Cardinal Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, will celebrate the mass of these celebrations.

The Pontifice could not celebrate mischief.

Vatican announces that Pope is pregnant and suffering from severe pain.

Misas that could celebrate the Pope

Although it was announced that Pope Francisco would not celebrate the months of December 31 and January 1, it was announced that he was living with the Angel of the Fires, which coincided with the Solemnity of Mary Santis, Mother of God, and the 54th World Cup. of the Paz, which is still alive by the title ‘La cultura del cuidado como camino de paz’.

Formally, however, it is predicted that the 6th year of March will also precede the Eucharist of the Solemnity of the Epiphany of Senor.

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Recorded that the 17th of December, the Pope celebrated his number 84, although during this day there was no special celebration and preference passed in peace and quiet.

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