Packers Vs. Titans score: Aaron Rodgers, AJ Dillon dominates as Green Bay rolls in snowball over Tennessee

The snowfall at Lambeau Field on Sunday night may have suggested a big night for the Tennessee Titans, who are relying heavily on a bruising attack led by Derrick Henry. Instead, host Green Bay Packers ran away with the show – literally. With a big contribution from Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, as well as newcomer AJ Dillon, not to mention a near-perfect outing of the supposed MVP favorite Aaron Rodgers, Matt LaFleur’s group had little trouble getting into the best time to sail past the AFC South candidates. With the NFC’s No. 1 series in their sights, the Packers scored early and regularly, and then easily sealed their lead in Christmastime, achieving a 40-14 victory to improve the season to 12-3 and Tennessee to 10-5 to drop. for week 17.

With the win, the NFC North Champion Packers are now within one win to seal the front seed – and a first round – in the post-season. The Titans, meanwhile, have not yet officially qualified for the post-season with the Colts still living in the South.

Here are some immediate takeaways from Sunday night’s big win in Green Bay:

Why the Packers Won

Aaron Rodgers is the MVP! That’s right. You heard it here. The timeless miracle, which some inexplicably wrote off in 2019, deserves the award. Sunday night was one of the many examples. Except for an unpleasant throw in the fourth quarter in which he was just a touch greedy and gave Tennessee a turnover, was no. 12 pure magic under the snowfall in Lambeau. His distinctive pocket pass was evident all night, as well as his chemistry with a predictable dominant Davante Adams.

It helped that Matt LaFleur’s ground game also took care of the Titans, with Aaron Jones running as if he had been shot from a cannon (among other things on a 40-plus sideline should have challenged Tennessee to stop) and AJ Dillon which proves all the concept -day naysayers wrong with a bruising night perfect for cold weather. Do not forget to award the defense of Mike Pettine as well, who in the secondary was particularly nasty, distracting a handful of important Ryan Tannehill passes and picking two.

Why the Titans lost

A few reasons: no. 1, Mike Vrabel’s defense had no answers to Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones. Few teams do it, but it was a very ugly performance for Tennessee, who gave up too many easy throws early on. Malcolm Butler had a fun dive from a stray Rodgers throw, but otherwise the Titans simply caught up all night.

Nr. 2, on a night when Derrick Henry was just fine, despite the snowstorm suggesting he would have a heavy, constantly dominant workload, Tannehill too often seemed uncomfortable and shot the ball off the field. His 45-meter TD sprint was a clean slate of beauty, but the air production just wasn’t, with Jaire Alexander and Green Bay’s secondary cause he fit on an evening where he had to be perfect to fit Rodgers and as victor to get away. .

Pivot point

You could say that was Tannehill’s first choice, which enabled the Packers to take an early two-point lead. But the Titans fought back, with Tannehill’s surprising TD run pulling Tennessee within five early in the third.

Just a few plays later, however, things changed for the better: Aaron Jones galloped 39 yards down the left sideline, dodging all sorts of Titans to put Green Bay back in the red zone. Replay revealed that Jones stepped down early in the course of the course, but the Packers rushed them to the line before Tennessee could challenge, retain the big game and continue to score on an easy Rodgers-to-Adams TD, and never looked back from there.

Playing the game

It didn’t matter much to the Titans in the end, but Tannehill’s sweet QB keeper was a good display of his underrated athletics:

What’s next

The Packers (12-3) will conclude their 2020 season against rival Bears (8-7), who do not have a standout victory over the Jaguars. Green Bay will reach number one in the NFC next week with a win.

The Titans (10-5) will meanwhile finish against their AFC South rival Texans (4-11), who just lost to the Bengals this week. They are in a battle for the AFC South crown, but could come out of the playoffs completely with a loss, as four other AFC teams also hold 10-5 records.