ONU condesa assassinato de defensor indigena en Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The High Commission of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (OACNUDH) condemns this month’s indigenous leader and candidate represented in Honduras by Félix Vásquez, and led the authorities to conduct a “Prone, Independent and Effective” investigation into the crime.

“I know the company of Félix Vásquez, recognizes defender of human rights, and has a lame to the authorities for nothing in the impunity“said the representative of Oacnudh, Isabel Albaladejo Escribano, in a statement.

Signed that Vásquez’s crime, which had been contested by a co-founder of the Libertad y Refundación party (Libre, izquierda), was recorded as “the unacceptable risk of harassing the defenders of human rights, animal and territory the importance of the State publicly recognizing its work in favor of democracy “.

With the assigned de Félix Vásquez, according to the Oacnudh, Honduras reports this year also assassins of defenders of human rights.

Pronta investigation

Félix Vásquez fue assesinado el sábado por armbres armadres que ingresaron por la fuerza a su vivienda en la aldea El Ocotal del municipio de Santiago de Puringla, department de La Paz, center de Honduras.

The Oacnudh instituted the authorities to carry out “with due diligence a prompt, independent and effective investigation” that allows to clarify the crime and sanction the material and intellectual authors.

It also considers it important to include in the lines of investigation the defense work of human rights activists Vásquez, and the trust in the State of Honduras to guarantee “the protection, protection and access to justice of family members and companions”.

Vásquez, a reconciled defender of the rights of the Indigenous peoples and people, was Secretary General of the Union of Workers of the Camp in La Paz and an integral part of the Indigenous Lenca Movement.

In October 2020, the indigenous leader announced “death threats” in his opposition to other defenders, Oacnudh said.

The victim took part on December 16 in a plant in which the criminalization of Víctor Vásquez, another defender for example, was announced, for reasons not specified.

Vásquez was nominated and represented by the Honorable Parliament, by the movement Somos Más del free partyGeneral Coordinator is the former President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya.

At the moment, the Police have indicated that there are no detainees in the case and that the security forces investigating the crime have not determined the move.

Honduras is considered one of the most populous countries for the defense of the media and the world, according to the International Amnesty in the non-governmental organization “Global Witness”. EFE