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Pequeñas acciones podrían ayudar a alargar nuestras vidas.

Pequeñas acciones podrían ayudar a alargar nuestras vidas.

Walk for minutes once a day to reduce the inconsequential consequences for the health of being sent during hours and hours, following a new and useful study on the ways in which inactivity such as self-influence influences us in the years we live. The studio, which is based on objective dates of tens of miles of people about the form in which they pass, finds that the most sedentary are enforced with a high risk of killing young people, but, if the people are living and moving, reduced considerably to this amenity, though not much moving.

For the majority of us, it is felt during extended periods of time is common, especially now, when we face the double challenge of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and the short days and holidays of the winter. Recent inquiries about the behavior of the people from the beginning of the Indian pandemic that the City of ours have less ownership and we feel more than one year.

It is not surprising that this calm physical state can have consequences for the health and large space. Multiple epidemiological studies have shown that there is a difference between being sent and death. In general, in these studies, the people who are late have much more likely to die prematurely than the active people.

  • Without embarrassment, it is not clear who will need to be an active person and hope to mitigate the inconveniences of being sent. For example, if it is sent during hours of work and lying down during media hours at night — which means that it is accompanied by the recommendation to stand for 30 minutes during the Mayor’s Day -, it’s enough move to compensate the Mayor of the giants for the health of being sent in excess?
  • Some previous investigations have suggested that the answer is no. A study carried out in 2016 with more than a million people hello, in addition, men and women need to have moderate exercise lasting approximately 60 to 75 minutes each day to reduce the undesirable effects of being felt.

However, this study, like the Mayor of similar investigations, asks the people who record how much has been done, what can be problematic. If there is a large number of people who have had a bad time, the paradoxical result is that the owner results in less power, because the “active” people from the studies have not needed much ownership in order to receive the benefits, while realizing the actual amount fue menor, y esa cantidad menor produjo beneficios.

For this reason, for the new study, recently published in a special edition of The British Journal of Sports Medicine dedicated to the updated directorates of physical activity of the World Health Organization and related investigations, many of the authors of the revision of 2016 decided, in effect, to repeat this investigation and analysis anteriorly, but, this time, use data from people who have used the activity monitors to retrieve objectively how moving and sentient.

The scientists’ seminars will meet the results of recent studies in what are now 50 miles of men and women using accelerometers.

  • The volunteers of these studies are from mediana edad o mayores, and live in Europe or in the United States.
  • Combine and find the dates of the new studios, the scientists you will find the majority of volunteers feel much better, with a promise of cases diez diarias, and many apenas se movían; have moderate exercise, generally sleep, lasting only two or three minutes a day.
  • The investigators will revise them defaults during the course of a decade after the individuals unite in their respective studies and begin to compare styles and experiences of life.
  • They divide the people into thirds with a base in which they move and are sent, the investigators discover, without surprises, that be extremely sedentary and erratic, is that the persons in the superior third of sedentary time and in the lower third of active time tenian have an increase of 260% more likely to die prematurely than the men and women who move more and feel less. (The investigators control the tobacco, the corporate mass and other factors that the powder has influenced the results).

Sondeverbod, other combinations of active and inactive time made us alarming, including omentadoras. The people who are found in the middle of the activity, who take moderate exercise during these minutes once a day, have many less probabilities of dying prematurely than the people who are less, even if they belong to the group as well.

To analyze more the numbers, the investigators conclude that the optimal point for physical activity and longevity appears to be approximately 35 minutes of fast-moving days with other moderate activities, a term that conducts to the mayor’s best statistics in the life expectancy, without importing hundreds of hours passed.

By supuesto, this study was observed and demonstrated that the self-esteem caused the people to live longer, meaning that the physical activity, was felt and the mortality was increased.

However, the results suggest in a way that they are, if we are sent all day, as many as we are, we should also aspire to supplies and diseases, said Ulf Ekelund, Professor of Epidemiology in Norwegian Physical Activity in Norway, Norway , conductor of the new studio.

“Walking in the right direction is an excellent moderation,” he said, and during media periods — including ours — we can help alert our lives.