On Twitter is a false alarm notification – and fans of Armando Manzanero

During the first hours of this month, the office number Armando Manzanero saw a trend in the social networking platform that “apparently lost life”.

The social network of Twitter is inundated with some hours with false notices about Armando Manzanero, which was subsequently enlightened by his family who reveled in the greedy patriarchs of his state of health.

Since the 17th of December when it was announced that the composer of excitations such as “Esta tarde ví llover”, “Somos novios” el Covid-19.

Without embarrassment, in the midst of all this surgeon controversy informs falsities during the madrugada of this domingo that alarms its fans, daring to announce that Armando Manzanero “has lost his life”.

According to one hour, family decisions are decided to clarify the situation through a communication that leads to a positive panorama of the recovery of the singer.

One of the various “fake news” circulating in the social network of Twitter announces the song of the singer, which for a moment provokes great controversy among his followers.

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“Va por buen camino”

Surprisingly, his verdict is much more alarming than the false rumors that, in particular, the most sought-after figures of Yucateco’s origin, “his recovery on a good truck”.

Manzanero has been incarcerated, without embarrassment, the family insures a large majority for what he confides in that very soon will be this stage.

Previously, he had to deal with a communication in which he assured that he would continue as soon as possible, very soon he would be extubated.

Armando Manzanero’s salute progressively, assured his press team, to meet with rumors that he was coming to discuss his medical condition.

Asimismo, it is known that “El maestro” as it is known for its large apothecaries to the music is still luchando and although it has not been completely released to Covid-19, has reacted favorably to treatment when performed sometime.

Hopefully in the next few days, the “astro de musica y los boleros” can breathe alone.

‘El maestro’ sigue por buen camino. His pulmonary eyes were limp, the respirator’s oxygen concentration had to decrease, indicating that he had more pulmonary autonomy, “informed his team of trafficked workers that night.

Motives for those who were incubated?

It was revealed that when Manzanero was hospitalized, he presented his bath and oxygenation, the main reason why he took the decision to receive the mechanical ventilation support.

Although on the other hand, it is understood that the interpreter, Manzanero, did not accept this option, but finally agreed “with full consent”, agreeing with his agents and relatives.

Following the words of Maria Elena, “his father changed his opinion at the hospital and finally decided to accept the medical recommendations”.

They inform themselves that they present a strong physical agitation and that from time to time and since entering the hospital, they are in tune with the cellular responding patterns of carious support and allegations.

By the same token, according to his description, on December 13th the composer Yucateco traveled to Mérida to receive a fee for his artistic tray and in the event he will be completely healthy and without any hesitation from Covid-19. Fueron solos dos días despuet, que el querido compositor comenzó a manifest malestar ya tener problema para respira se en findrabat en un grabacion en la Ciudad de México.

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Derivative of this situation, the physicians decide that the best time is that Armando Manzanero and his respiratory system will have a rest, restraining them in favor of their immediate recovery and optimal conditions for returning to respiratory aid.