Olympic-Marathon final in tremendous bronze in the National ¡Pedro Troglio unchecked! – Diez

Olympia receive this domingo A Marathon and won and won (1-0), was able to beat the 1-3 of Yankel Rosenthal in a party that ended in tremendous bronze in the Estadio Nacional.

In the final tram of the party, the coach Pedro Troglio commences to advertise to the arbitral tribunal that its players are the court holding objects from the grades by the visiting team.

The downhill check has the playing field one time the game is finalized.

Although there have been four golf live broadcasts on TV, there has been a heated discussion involving all the players and technical team.

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The camper Deiby Flores tuvo que calmar a su entrenador Pedro Troglio, who knows about the pulsations raised. Technician Héctor Vargas also entered the stage to defend himself.

Finally, it was the Algarve and the Desire that would draw the camera to one of the comrades of the company that transmitted the party.

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Marathon will take place with the title of the two rounds, which is the choice to secure a final in the Tournament Aperture 2020. Olympia will have to search its classification before the Vida in the semifinals.