Olympia and Vida empatan in La Ceiba and dejan toda the emotion for the semifinal of Tegucigalpa – Diez

White negotiation in La Ceiba. El Vida empató 0-0 teen Olympia at the end of the Aperture 2020 tournament semi-final in Honduras. The ballot in the final is defined as the home in the National Stadium.

Repasar Minuto a Minuto de la ida de semifinal Vida vs. Olympics in the Ceibeño Stadium

The best cocoa mercury team is ahead of a white team with bright glasses, which will draw a graceful point to the brilliant night of the porter Edrick Menjívar.

The encounter begins with the crews taking precautions, to make the locomotives that will burn the pressure and create fun in the rival arsenal.

José Escalante at the age of 23 rode a balloon to Deiby Flores, advanced one meter and collected a rifle that obliged Edrick Menjívar to mandate a draw. The search box will start to convert to the figure of the finder.

The albos apostaron to the centers for Yustin Arboleda, pero los rojos les cerraron todos les accesos. Apenas intends with matías de Matías Garrido sin crear burgemeester peligro a José Mendoza.

Vida pisó el accelereler sober el finale van de primer part y tuvo para marchars con la ventaja. Pero Menjívar con dos tapadas dijo ¡no !. At 37, Luis Palma lost at 40 with a cane by Denis Meléndez.

The post also played in favor of Olympia

For the sake of strength, Pedro Troglio joins Edwin Rodríguez, Eddie Hernández and José Alejando Reyes and has the mayor present in the area.

Eddie tuvo the first of cabeza, pero the mando afuera. Nerly Membreño also has adjustments to balance actions.

The capitalists pass to maneuver the balloon, but in the doubles the red always creates fun.

See where you can find the three points. At 90 + 2, Elder Torres filtered a balloon for Luis Palma who sent Johnny Leverón a day and scored a goal that was shot in the vertical. The rebate of César Guillén’s quedo that disappears, but the defensive defense deflects.

El domingo will define everything. Olimpia only deals with the sale of cash at home, the winner in the 90 minutes is provided with a pass. In case of empathy, be defined directly by the penal code.