NY investiga by applying antiquated vaccine to public in general

New York /

The New York authorities are collaborating with the police in an investigation into the medical attention network Parcare Community Health Network accused of cracking down on the directives against covid-19, which prioritizes sanitary staff and senior residences.

Dicho Institution Medical Services Installations in Orange’s New York Condo “could have obtained a fraudulent manner in the covid-19 vaccine”, assured in a letter communicated the title of health of the state, Howard Zucker, that he was able to transfer to other installations located in different parts of the region.

According to Zucker, it is possible to constitute a “violation of state directors” has been diverted to the general public“Contrary to the plan of the state to administer first aid to primary care medical workers, as well as to the residents and staff of the former residences”.

“We are very serious and the Department of Health will assist the state police in a criminal investigation into this matter” said Zucker.

New York, as well as the rest of the United States, organized the evacuation campaign last December 14 with the focus on health care workers and workers as well as residents of senior citizens’ shelters and care centers. with disability.

When Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the plans for the distribution of the vaccine in December, he advised that In a first stage, the general public quers on the margins of the munitions campaign.

The authorities in Spain hope that when they generate an increase in the distribution and availability of vacancies throughout the country, they will be able to start vacancies in the general public.

According to the latest official data, the index of people who gave positive in the test covid-19 in New York is located at 5.36 per cent. Este viernes murieron 122 people killed in the pandemic and in the hospitals of the state have 6 miles 884 patients admitted by covid-19. Mil 129 are located in intensive care units, of which 638 are intubated.