NY healthcare provider ParCare may have fraudulently obtained Covid-19 vaccines, the state says

According to the statement, ParCare Community Health Network – identified by Zucker as an Orange County provider – may transmit the Covid-19 vaccine in violation of state guidelines to facilities in other parts of the state and to members of administered to the public. “contrary to the state’s plan to send it first to health care workers, as well as residents and nursing homes.”

Zucker says the New York Department of Health will assist state police in launching a criminal investigation into the case.

According to a statement from ParCare, it follows the guidelines issued by the New York Department of Health, and in part “Covid-19 vaccinations are given to those who are qualified to receive them”, and that they will ‘actively cooperate’ with health. department on the matter.

New York State has reported more than 914,000 cases of Covid-19 infection and more than 37,000 deaths associated with the virus.