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These two penny stocks are ready to grow, analysts say

Wall Street has mixed feelings about penny stocks. These tickets, which change from less than $ 5 per share, attract investors with their high return potential or send them to the hills, but why not overdo it? The cheap price points allow investors to take up more shares than possible when investing in other more well-known names. What’s more, even what feels like trivial depreciation of stock prices can lead to a huge percentage of profit, but there is a legitimate reason why some investors are cautious when it comes to penny stocks. The risk associated with these plays scares the heart out, as many real problems such as poor fundamentals or overwhelming headwinds can be masked by the low stock prices. How should investors approach a potential penny stock investment? By taking an indication from the analyst community. These experts bring to the fore deep knowledge of the industries they cover and vast experience. Keeping that in mind, according to Wall Street analysts, we used TipRanks’ database to find two compelling penny stocks. Matasas BioPharma (MTNB) Matinas BioPharma hopes that it can solve complex challenges related to the oral delivery of small molecules, none, through a strong buying consensus rating and very upward potential. therapies, vaccines, proteins and peptides. Several members of the street currently consider the share price to be an attractive entry point at $ 0.87 each. The writing of BTIG, five-star analyst Robert Hazlett, points to MAT2203 as an important part of its bullish thesis. The therapy is designed as a liposomal nanocrystalline (LNC) version of the broad-spectrum anti-fungal amphotericin B that enables oral delivery of the drug. Prior to the Phase 2 EnACT study evaluating the candidate in cryptococcal meningitis, enrolling for Cohort 2 Hazlett, which is expected in the short term and the following DSMB data, will begin in mid-2021, indicates that it is the “first of potentially various indications with the new antifungal. ” Hazlett further explained his optimism about the therapy, There was unanimous recommendation from the independent DSMB to go to the second group of patients in EnACT, which is a validating event for MAT2203, as the progress by the groups is determined by the rate of CSF fungal clearance and the absence of a recurrence of the fungus, and progress by the cohort of EnACT thus indicate the activity of MAT2203 and the successful crossing of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) ​​to maintain a reduced fungal count in the CSF . ”, The entry for ENHANCE-IT, a dissertation of MAT9001 compared to Amarin’s Vascepa, has been completed. MAT9001 is the free fatty acid formulation of EPN and DPA from MTNB, and according to Hazlett, it generates significantly higher EPA levels than Vascepa. If that was not enough, the company recently announced a collaboration with the NIAID to study a liposomal nanocrystal. (LNC) formulation of Gilead’s inhibitor, for an oral formulation of COVID-19 therapy. “We believe that this collaboration further strengthens Matinas’ LNC technology,” said Hazlett. Consistent with its positive stance, Hazlett MTNB is considering a buy, and its $ 5 price target implies room for an astonishing 474% upside potential over the next 12 months. (To see Hazlett’s record, click here.) If we now look at the rest of the street, other analysts repeat Hazlett’s sentiment. Since only Buy recommendations have been published in the past three months, MTNB deserves a consensus from the strong analysts. With an average price target of $ 4, equities could be 359% higher than current levels. (See MTNB stock analysis on TipRanks) Equillium (EQ) Equillium develops an in-depth understanding of immunology and its role in disease and develops innovative therapies for severe autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. With a stock trading for $ 4.25, some analysts think now is the time to pull the trigger. Following the company’s Analyst Day highlighting its clinical programs for anti-CD6 monoclonal antibody itolizumab, Leerink analyst Thomas Smith remains optimistic about its long-term growth prospects. During the event, EQ released individual patient responses, along with biomarker analyzes, and the recent positive interim data from the first three groups of the Phase 1b EQUATE study, which studies itolizumab in acute versus versus host disease (aGVHD) has. In the future, the company wants to do dose expansion in cohorts 2 and 3 by enrolling three additional patients in each group, with the results of the top line from the trial expected in 1H21. Looking at the initial data from Phase 1b EQUATE trial, it showed rapid, deep and lasting responses to itolizumab in aGVHD, according to Smith. Regarding the updated data, there was an overall response rate of 80% (ORR) across all doses on day 57, with 8 out of 10 total patients achieving a complete response (CR). What’s more, the therapy was also linked to the ability to reduce and decrease the systemic use of steroids in patients. ‘These results are in line with biomarker data showing that itolizumab rapidly reduces CD6 expression on CD4 and CD8-T cells. We believe these results are convincing and supportive of the EQ plans to extend the dose to additional GVHD patients with dose levels of 0.8 mg / kg and 1.6 mg / kg, “Smith explained. it was not enough, EQ preclinical and translational research supported the Phase 1b EQUALIZE trial for itolizumab in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and lupus nephritis (LN), and Smith expects the best results in SLE in 1K21 and Interim results in LN in 2H21.with a price target of $ 18. If this target is met in the coming year, investors can pocket a profit of ~ 328% (Click here to record Smith’s record See what the rest of the street has to say? 3 Buy and no own or sell sell a strong buy consensus rating Given the average price target of $ 15, equities could skyrocket by 328% in the coming year. EQ stock analysis on TipRanks) Visit TipRanks’ best stocks to buy, a new be launched tool that unites all of TipIanks’ stock insights. only those of the analysts who appear here. The content is for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before investing.