Nintendo Switch ‘Year in Review’ unveils 2020’s most played games

Nintendo now allows Switch users to look back on their “Year in Review”. This feature breaks down in detail the amount of time players spent on the console in 2020. The way to access this program yourself, if you accept that you want to do it, is also simple.

A new website, created on the official website of Nintendo Switch, lets users log in to see their playing time statistics during 2020. To use this service, you just need to log in to your Nintendo account on the website. . From here, Nintendo will personalize your own page filled with the games you have played the most in the last twelve months.

This year’s feature in rating breaks down your playing time based on hours, but it also shows your stats compared to 2019, assuming you may have owned a Switch last year as well. It also highlights the total number of games you played on the Switch throughout 2020, which is fairly new. Along with that, it even contains a breakdown of the number of hours you spent each month with the Switch, so you can know how active you were during the year.

Lastly, Year in Review also highlights the games you spent the most time with. For many, I imagine it Animal crossing: new horizons will turn out to be an important time, but everyone’s list will of course vary. Personally speaking, Hades In the end, I was my own most played Switch game of the year, it’s something I’m totally good at.

These year-end shutdowns are something most console manufacturers tend to do, but Nintendo is the first to release one for 2020. PlayStation and Xbox are likely to release their own versions of this service in the coming weeks. If this finally happens, we’ll let you know here on

So what does 2020 finally look like for you on the Nintendo Switch? Which games did you spend the most time with? Save me on Twitter @ MooreMan12 or send me a message in the comments below to continue the conversation.