News that bromo, pero en verdad sucedieron will appear

The 2020 is a atypical year y, in the world of sports, sucedieon hechos of those who can think that fueron broma, pero sucedieron in reality.

ESPN Digital to present the deportivas that parecieron falses pero en verdad ocurrieron.

Municipal Police sent to the Athletic of San Luis at the Stadium of the Pericos de Puebla

The escalation of the Municipal Police of Puebla led to the Athletic of San Luis at the Stadium of the Pericos under the guiarlos hacia el Estadio Cuauhtémoc, para compromise de la fecha 17 del Guard1anes 2020.

The Potosino team was escorted from the concentration camp hotel to the Estadio Cuauhtémoc, without embarrassment, the municipal servants were equipping themselves. Please note that part of the staff of the joint branch is aware that the destination is not the correct one when communicating with the municipal schools for the peddlers who are in the correct stadium.

Cruz Azul generates a cruzazuleada aún mayor that the existing

The ‘Máquina’ quedo drove to the Final of Guard1anes 2020, after losing a goal of four goals in the semifinals antes Pumas, motivated by the fact that the national burla between the aficionados and no tan ferconos in football has recently taken place.

The team this tenia virtually ensured in the series for the title, to score four goals for Pumas in the second game, but in the second half of the series, the cement goals scored in the first period 3 to 0 y in the last minutes fue clavada the final stock by Juan Pablo Vigón.

Marco Fabián llega ‘n FC Juárez.

Después de su paso por la MLS, Marco Fabián fue fichado vir FC Juárez at the initiative of Guard1anes 2020. Although it is intended to force a Chivas, the red canter is inclined towards the new project of the front encased by Guillermo Cantú.

Meanwhile, Fabián arrives at the front line of the city to start a new adventure in the Mexican balloon. In its first round, the national team disputed two duels, new ones as titles.

Miguel Herrera fired a new job at an extra issue

Miguel Herrera was expelled from a new account due to an extra issue, through the training in the participation against the technical auxiliary of LAFC, Ante Razov, in the middle of the semi-finals of the Concacaf Champions League.

In 2015, tras golpear to a commentator at the Philadelphia airport, Miguel Herrera fue despedido de la Selección Mexicana.

Companions of Jesus Molina the day before the parade of extra scandalous constants

In the second semester of 2020, Chivas suffers from the undisciplined constant inside the plant and pusieron in entredicho the captain of Jesús Molina.

The captain rojiblanco defended a Uriel Antuna and Alexis Vega, nevertheless both players were separated from the first team debit and that appearance in social speeches a video in which it was found in an unexpected state celebrating a companion.

Molina promised many of its companions that Iban would not be able to do more undisciplined in the dresser and in the case that he sued, renounced and captained.

My hopes, a new undisciplined team recovery. Dieter Villalpando, Eduardo López, José Juan Vázquez y Alexis Peña participate in a party in which Villalpando was accused of sexual abuse, while the rest of the players were separated from the plant.

‘Bofo’ Bautista to politics

El champion with Chivas in the Aperture 2006 encroaching the next year in the political life of Mexico, can be registered by the Party Solidarity for Compete in one of Guadalajara’s federal disputes, Jalisco.

The PES will open the convocate for any citizen to register, as ‘Bofo’ does not require any political requisites to be part of the contest in the next elections.

Insectos arrebatan los reflectores a Mazatlán FC en su debut en la Liga Mx.

The first encounter in the history of Mazatlán FC in the League BBVA MX was attacked by the plague of pinacates on the canvas of the Kraken.

In the encounter with Puebla, in Jornada 2 of Guard1anes 2020, the infestation of the burla of users in social networks, women think that the team suffers an invasion of chickens. Minutes later, it was time to dump her and move on.

Luis Montes joins the Mexican Selection

Luis Montes, considered the best player of the League BBVA MX during 2020, renunció a la Mexican selection Directed by Gerardo Martino, it should be noted that the Argentine was just in time for the minutes he eran scored in each of the three trials he was summoned.

‘Checo’ Pérez fuera de Racing Point … ja Red Bull

To watch one of his best times in F1, Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez drove to Racing Point, in an unexpected move.

“Everything has a principle and a final, and three years ago I cycled with the team to the end of the season”, written in social speeches.

A few months after this notice, it was confirmed that The Mexican competes in the Red Bull team with Max Verstappen.

Mike Tyson vuelve al ring

El púgil Mike Tyson flew to ring at age 54 to play against Roy Jones Jr., who also salvaged the return on this fight.

After the rounds, the jury decided to have an empathy between both boxers.