New schedules of toque de queda skep chaos y angustias

The announcement of new restrictions on circulation creates a new crisis in the economic sectors that, although there is agreement with the media notified by the Government, should not feel the negative impact of the time limits for its negotiations.

Supermarkets, banking entities, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, European newspapers, interurban transport companies, minority and other business companies, will hold emergency meetings to define how to operate the new standards in which to work .

All the shopping centers, supermarkets and commercial banks are announcing the new schedules that govern the customer service. The Association of Commercial Banks (ABA) will notify you of the high, low and high, the closing time of all banking entities will be until 4:00 of the day and that the first Saturdays and Sundays will be closed in todo momento.

The CCN Group informs that its supermarket chain (Nacional) will work from 6:00 on Monday from 7:00 am and from 2 to 10 on Monday from 6:00 on Mondays to 5 : 00 of the late, Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 of the month to 12:00 of the day with delivery service until 11:00 of the night. The Jumbo and Centro Cuesta Nacional shopping centers are currently operating at regular intervals.


All the advice of the sector commercial representative of the Organización Nacional de Empresas Comerciales (ONEC), of the Federación Dominicana de Comerciantes (FDC) and of the Federación Nacional de Comerciantes en Empresarios (Fenacerd), sus dirigentes manifestaro conar de acar time, without embarrassment, sugirieron to Gobierno mayor rigor with the completion of physical distance to avoid public agglomerations.

Ivan García, president of the FDC, explained that the schedules of the shops from 2 to 10 January will be from Monday to Wednesday from 8:00 to Monday to 5:00 from late Saturday and Sunday and Sunday until 11:00 la mañana.

Aggregate that since the announcement of the toque de quiz has been made, it is important to feel the importance of the people to abastecerse.


The president of the Dominican Association of Tour Operators (Adotur), Jacinto Fernandez, stated that the Governor had immediately announced the new timetable for this, the local customers would like to apply and travel agencies to cancel their reservations and transfers money, which generated a level of chaos.

Explained that the eligible persons have no permission to move around if they move to the hotel and return to their homes. This is the situation the tour operators communicate with the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) to look for alternative answers to the compromises and assumptions.


Fernández explained that Adotur suggested to Gobierno, through the Ministry of Tourism, that they allow the hostess in hotels and tourist complexes the circulation of December 31st until the 4th of January until 7:00 pm, always on present voucher or invoice for travel agencies, hotel security card or hotel check-out ticket.

If you do not understand the situation in the hotel sector with the new restrictions, it is not possible to obtain the declarations of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores).

The restaurants and night businesses dedicated to the ocean and the entertainment industry are among the sectors most affected by the schedules of those established since the start of the Covid pandemic in the country, the month of March.

The Great Victims
Mipymes nocturnas

The small and mediocre companies in the formal and informal sector, all of which operate at night, are the largest victims of any acts announced since the beginning of the pandemic.

Baby consumption

As far as businesses are concerned they will close their doors from 5:00 onwards between the 2nd and 10th of January 2021, the provision of alcoholic beverages for sale will be changed by 6:00 on late.

Banca digital

The Bancos Association suggests users use digital platforms to avoid agglomerations and help reduce the presence of people in surgeries.