New Nintendo Leak suggests cutting off key switch feature before launch

It’s time for another Nintendo leak, as new details reveal that a key Nintendo Switch feature was cut before the console was released.

To this day, the Nintendo Switch is still one of the most innovative consoles ever released. Although it contains only a fraction of the power of next-generation games, Nintendo’s console refuses to stop.

In fact, the device is still delivering incredible sales figures and the Switch outperformed the Xbox Series X in November.

The most important feature of Nintendo Switch before the launch
(Source: Nintendo)

This probably has to do with Nintendo’s famous game schedule and the groundbreaking design of the Switch. But a new leak suggests that the Nintendo Switch could have another important feature, which was cut before launch.

Nintendo Switch could have had this important feature

According to a new report from Comicbook, there is one feature missing from the Nintendo Switch that was cut short shortly before launch. In a recent leak, we not only looked at the prototype design of the Nintendo Switch, but also other details regarding its original features.

In the old documents, readers discovered that the Nintendo Switch originally included 3D video support. Interestingly, this would have made the console backwards compatible with the Nintendo 3DS computer.

Nintendo 3DS
(Source: Nintendo)

Of course, even the 3DS did not rely heavily on its 3D ploy to sell devices towards the end of its life. And it is not clear whether the switch would indeed be backward compatible as well.

But the potential was completely cut, along with the 3D video support in a later build. Back in 2014, the documents also show that the Nintendo Switch screen was only 480p.

Could the switch have had two screens?

It is possible that this limited resolution was needed because Nintendo originally intended the Switch to have two screens. Maybe that’s why we did not have such poor image quality at launch.

Fortunately, Nintendo was able to increase the resolution to 720p by the final version. And rumors suggest that the Nintendo Switch may even display 4K with its Pro model.

Nintendo Switch main feature
(Source: Nintendo)

We are certainly glad that the resolution gave a boost to release. After all, the Nintendo Switch looks very outdated with only a 480p screen in 2020.

With the powerful PS5 and Xbox Series X to compete with, the Nintendo Switch is already struggling to keep up.

However, Nintendo is only addressing the Switch Pro rumor, suggesting that an upgrade may still be a long one. That doesn’t stop a big new Nintendo leak from bothering some exciting new details of what’s to come.