New chapters from Tras la huella se estrenan hoy on TV Cubana

Cuban police actors Tras la huella

Cuban television will train the new chapters of the policy Tras la huella. (Photo: Tomada del perfil de Facebook de La familia cubana)

The police court series Tras la huella will present a chapter on what will happen in the new era, a series of months that will go on air and make even more difficult the Cuban pants on the night.

The imitation program of the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and an empirical copy of the famous Day and Night, will feature 5 named Capitals Carriers, Santa Fe I, II and III and Labrador. According to the director Loisys Inclán, quoted by Cubadebate, the new proposals address issues related to employment, robbery with violence and a superstition “crime of malpractice”.

With respect to Santa Fe, Inclán commented that he would like to realize as a miniseries of three chapters with a hilo conductor inside the mishma ya that the investigation work is done more for the realization team.

Staff members include Roberto Perdomo, Omar Ali, Maykel Amelia Reyes, Mirian Alameda and Yisel León, as well as the general management of José Víctor Herrera and Loisys Inclán. This is the last time I interviewed the Cuban official media that he said he was working twice and with some care and hygiene due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Military training studios will meet with a new set of grabs for the trolls’ protagonists, who will consider their directors to improve the working conditions and image of the team.

Proximities within the program will be presented by Verano 2021 as directed by Armando Toledo and Omar Ali, who will meet with his team in the production of new episodes and the preview of some episodes.

After the fire broke out in early 2005 in order to fill the vacancy that Cuban Television has had since the disappearance of Día y Noche. With these years, the series has lost followers because it does not reflect the reality of the police proceedings in Cuba, in which the perits always lie late or not with the offender.

The Mayor of the Capitals is based on real estate and lasts approximately 50 minutes. It is enchanted in real life that its dealings in any dominant area, and in exceptional cases abarca in one of the by the complexity of the tram. It does not have a stable transmission to the Cubano Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT)’s resources, because an external billing policy such as CSI, La ley y el orden, will be set up between them.