Muere the minor of a year that was transported to Centro Médico through a swimming pool

A minor crash in Centro Médico caused an accident at the swimming pool of Casa Zafra, located on Calle Loíza in San Juan, confirmed the Police Negotiations.

Following the Press Officer of the Uniformed, agents read and reported the tragedy and incident at 9:06 pm

The incidence information indicates that the minor from 1 year and 10 months and resident of Caguas “It is found in the company of its fathers and fathers’ families in the lodge, this cayo in the area of ​​the swimming pool in circumstances that is under investigation. The child was transported to San Jorge Hospital in Santurce where doctor Julio Rivera certified his death, ”the Police explained in their news release.

“What we have been informed is that the minor aborted a gun that he did not have access to the swimming pool without his fathers being harmed and that the incident was not cleared up,” said agent Vivian Polanco.

The Division of Homicides Criminal Investigation Team (CIC) San Juan will continue with the search for the suicidal ideation.