Muere the French designer Pierre Cardin

(CNN) – French fashion designer Pierre Cardin took the oath of office 98 years ago, announcing the March of the Academy of Fine Arts of France in a Twitter post.

“The Secretary Perpetuo, Laurent Petitgirard, and the members of the Academy of Fine Arts are deeply concerned about announcing the death of his colleague Pierre Cardin. I was elected on February 12, 1992 for the chair of Pierre Dux “, said the Academy of Fine Arts.

French designer Pierre Cardin poses in front of a press conference to present the musical

Born in Italy in 1922 as the minor of 10 hermanos, Cardin moved to France when he was little, when his family moved to Saint-Étienne to escape fascism. Work in various jobs at a part-time time as a student, including work with a sister, before leaving Paris in 1945 with the conversion of a student.

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Once upon a time, working for the house of Paquin and Elsa Schiaparelli, and later working for Christian Dior during the era of “New Look”, antes to establish in its own house of high cost in 1950. Its elegant designs are famous among them socialites adinarados y estaban entre the favorites of the first lady estadounidense Jacqueline Kennedy. So many times, in the pants and in the magazines, Jeanne Moreau, Brigitte Bardot and Mia Farrow telegraphed their talents to a general pop audience.

In the finals of the decade of 1950, I created my first collection of masculine ropes, and later I designed an iconic collection of tracks without source for The Beatles.

Pierre Cardin worked for Christian Dior and was honored with the Legion of Honor in France in 1983.