Muere músico dominicano tras un shock

Murió el dominican music, Homero Guerrero, caused a shock by abstinence, provoked by the repeated interruption of alcohol intake. The deceso of the young man produces the madrugada of this March.

Formo together with Pavel Núñez the dominant band Código Genetico with a lot of influence of the Cuban trove, in addition to English elements like blues, funk and folk between other rhythms that are connected to the Caribbean.

The songwriter expressed his pain at the loss of his friends through his Instagram account, writing: que el que se siente cuando ya no hay palabras. Hoy no sé ni qué decir, ni dónde estar ”.

“Hi, Homero, I’m sorry to hear the gloom, because I’ve been looking for you in our history, those who are writing about a scenario,” he added.

More years later, Guerrero is dedicated to stage management, giving work to his friend and colleague Pavel Núñez while editing his musical presentations.