Muere Martha Navarro, famous Mexican actress

By means of an official communication conducted by the National Association of Actors (ANDA) it is necessary to know the lamentable election of the Mexican actress Martha Navarro, famous for its different participations in the big slipper.

Agree to be informed, Martha Navarro failed this December 30th at 83 years of age; a notice that has been conveyed to all the artistic medium, it is known that this actress had the opportunity to work together with other great stars of Mexican cinema like Pedro Armendariz Jr and Emma Roldán.

Thank you for your artistic talent, this Mexican actress I also believe in various awards and recognitions from the cinematographic industry, among the three awards Ariel in the category of “Best Actress”.

Fallece of Mexican actress Martha Navarro

In addition to his work in Mexican cinema, Martha Navarro also participated in important television projects such as in the telenovelas: “La fuerza del Amor”, “Yo no creo en los hombres”, “Retrato de familia” and “Amar de nuevo”, among many others.

fallece martha navarro

Fallece of Mexican actress Martha Navarro

For this reason, the death of the actress has met various artists of the Mexican farandula, women have the opportunity to work together with them and women have now shared their condolences with the family of the performer.

“AndAa lamenta deeply the failure of our partner Martha Navarro Cayón, member of our union”

Part of the communication of the ANDA together with a photo of Martha Navarro, the last artistic project launched in 2011 with the Telemundo song within the melodrama “Amar de nuevo”, which gives the life of Justa’s character.

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Cabe mentions that you have the moment to go down and take the causes of the death of the Mexican actress, for what in La Verdad News we will be waiting for any other information that can ensure respect for this lamentable incident.

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