Muere boxedor mexicano Omar ‘Scrappy’ Peribán is fatal

Mexico City /

The Mexican amateur boxer, Omar “Scrappy” Peribán, perdió la vida la noche del pasado lunes 28 de December, luego de que un dia antes había sufrido un labor accident, to dedicate to the collocation of Spectacular announcements in the City of Mexico.

The pugilista, who belongs to the gymnasium Miura box, fue hospitalized from home, but can not pay adelante fatal accident accident by the cual murió a los 27 años de edad.

It was exactly the Miura Boxing Gymnasium, which had to deal with the failure of “Scrappy” Peribán.

Omar Peribán Hernández tenia un extraordinary record of new peleas with four victories, none of them for the knockout and five derrotas, in the super mosque division.