Muere a los 41 años el luchador estadounidense Jonathan Huber

Huber took possession of a pulmonary disease, and his failure was not related to covid-19.

Jonathan Huber, a 41-year-old free-standing stadium professional at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida (EE.UU.), confirmed to me his Manda Huber post on Instagram. The woman stated that the decision was being made through “an ongoing battle with a pulmonary problem not related to Covid”.

Huber, most known for his ‘Luke Harper’ seudonymous, was active in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) quadrilaterals from 2012 to 2019.

“Huber found the exit at each stage of his sporting and entertaining career, and if he was discreet, he was present to help him create countless moments of inspiration in the team. […]”, says the communication of the entity.

El pasado 18 de marzo, el luchador debójo bajo su nuevo apodo de ‘Brodie Lee’ en ‘n episodio de Dynamite,’ n program van televisieproduksjon van AEW (All Elite Wrestling), empresa de lucha libre professional fundada en 2019 y que compite con the WWE.