Much of the $ 136 million in tres castido castavani a Cavani por usar la palabra “negrito”

The sanction for Edinson Cavani: la Federación Inglesa (Football Association) indicates that this is only the uruguayo review Suspension of three parties by using the word “negro” in his Instagram account.

The FA’s report indicates that the football player’s comment Manchester United fue “insulting, abusive, improvising and leading the game to a contrary opposition to the E3.1 rule. of the FA”. In addition, if the publication constitutes an aggravated omission, defined by Rule E.3.2, it is “Include a reference, implied or explicit, in color, race and ethnic origin”.

Cavani also received a total of 100,000 pounds sterling ($ 136,000) and must assist in racism classes, according to the FA.

The Uruguayan sanctioned the lie by responding to a story of a concoction that congratulated him on his move to Southampton, where he scored goals, with the phrase “Thank you, negro”.

Cavani will lose to Aston Villa (Premier League), Manchester City (League Cup semi-final) and Watford (third round of the FA Cup).

After announcing the decision, Manchester United issued a statement stating that “Cavani was not aware that his words were being misinterpreted and were discredited by the publication and had to be punished.” Además, signaled that “it is possible to create honestly that simply send an effective greeting in response to a message from a close friend, decision not to return to sanction for respect and solidarity with the FA and the fight against racism in football”.

“It is clear that the context and the intention are key factors, although the Independent Regulatory Commission requires a minimum sanction of three parties. The club confirms that the commission will clarify in its written motives that Edinson Cavani is not a racist and that does not have any racist intent in its publication”, Added Manchester United in his communication.