Morena profiles his electoral force in six months of Mexico’s biggest comics

López Obrador, during his conference scheduled for December 30th.
López Obrador, during his conference scheduled for December 30th.EFE

In the context of economic recession, the electoral industry is booming and advancing has a new beginning. More than 20,000 popular polling stations, with thousands of operators, publishers’s engrossed in these days, a machinery that began to grow and added the country to the 6th of June when the largest elections in history took place Mexico.

The irruption of the superdelegados as a new and powerful political figure, the obligation of gender parity, the alliance of opposition parties to Morena or the anemic state in which the party in power may be some of the news for the election, among others, of 15 governors, 500 deputies, 30 local congresses and 2,000 supporters.

In the last few days, the movement founded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador has defined the numbers of candidates for governors that have marked the fallout from some heredity, evidently the fracture that has occurred since its founding in the Movement for Regeneration). These miracles Raúl Morón for Michoacán, Rubén Rocha for Sinaloa and Félix Salgado Macedonio for Guerrero are the last known names. Without embarrassment, the chosen method is elusive, the inquiries elaborated by the party leadership, he hecho aflorar accusations of nepotism and manipulated dates.

Mientras en Campeche, Baja Californië Sur y Baja Californië Layda Sansores, Víctor Castro en Marina del Pilar fueron elegidas en relativea calma, otras cinco ‘primarias’ se celebraron entre reproches y amagos de violencia sin que conozcan los efektos que pued tener sober electorado. In Nuevo León, Tlaxcala, Guerrero, Zacatecas and Chihuahua the derrotados announce impregnations and a man, Cesar Yañez, former secretary of López Obrador, personifies how the atmosphere is respected in the formation. The wife of Yañez, Dulce María Silva, with whom he appeared at the hearing of the newspaper ‘Hola!’, At the expense of López Obrador, who separated himself from his wife, who charged Doreza against Morena when he left the party to run in Tlaxcala. This week, her husband, Claudia Yáñez, accuses Morena of being nepotistic when she does not run for governor of Colima and is a member of the opposition party, a candidate for the PAN, PRI and PRD alliances.

Exactly Colima is one of the most representative about the strength of the superdelegados, a figure created by López Obrador on the principle of his mandate to manage social programs directly. In this Pacific State, one of the most violent in Mexico, Indira Vizcaíno is reunited with his cargo of superdelegada af Colima el 30 de octubre y, 51 días después, fue elegida candidata a la gubernatura la la entidad. His opponent, Claudia Yáñez, agreed to use social programs to promote. The reproaches continue in the State of Nayarit, given the national leadership of Miguel Angel Navarro, that the state leadership of Morena has been violated.

In Baja Californa Sur, the ex-delegate, Victor Castro, was elected in front of Alejandro Lage, exaseror in the development of the strategic projects of López Obrador who accused him of his “dedazo” party. Lage, one of Morena’s founders criticized the figure of superdelegados and the social programs that maneja, haya served as election strategy. ‘Loose superdelegados is a project election, and never works as superdelegados, from the point of view of technical technique and public administration, no money or political operators, money recipients of money to position their image with the bases and social programs (…) lamentably the 4T heredo of the PRI the dedication “, dijo en an interview.

Otra of the convulsive elections took place in the election of David Monreal in Zacatecas. Su-mededinger, José Narro Céspedes, accused the party’s dome of being openly supported in Monreal. “We will not compete against David, we will compete against an appeal”, said in reference to Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of Morena in the Senate.

The aguas también estuvieron agitadas en Nuevo León, donde la designation by Clara Luz Flores, fue mal recibida por quienes se consideran fundadores del party in Nuevo León. A similar panorama is seen in Tlaxcala. While Lorena Cuéllar converts to the aspirant reconnaissance by Mario Delgado in the colony of Rome, the deprived Sandra Domínguez and Dulce Silva accuse him of manipulation and uncertainty in the method of the inquiries. In Chihuahua, fue Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa, another ex superdelegado the choice in the middle of the accusations of his opponent Cruz Pérez. In Guerrero, despite the legal limit, this Wednesday the controversy over the election of the controversial Felix Salgado Macedonia, which led to Pablo Amílcar’s mantle during months of war in the party.

The consequences of the division are a foregone conclusion in the party. Morena will rise to the level of local in the middle of the country, but this time López Obrador will not be in the electoral roll and the presidential popularity is not enough to neutralize many of the local factors that have an intermediate election.

The electoral macarina carga pilas antes arrangar un agitado 2021 het 95 millones de mexican están llamados a las urnas, cinco más que in 2018, y para la que habrá que instalal 161,000 casillas de votaion, 4,000 más que en la presidential election. An electoral industry for which the National Electoral Institute (INE) tends to recruit 50,000 supervisors.

For its part, the opposition decided to unite to make a start to the tsunami López Obrador in an unprecedented alliance of all against Morena cuya efficiency is difficult to calculate. The alliance between the right of the National Action Party (PAN) and the Izquierdas of the Institutional Revolution (PRI) and the Democratic Revolution (PRD) are united in an allied extravagance with a unique ideological engine and a frenzy. Currently, polls suggest that only 30% of Mexicans are in front of the mandate, so that the midterm elections could also mark the pace of anti-López Obrador movement.