More than 30 deaths from gas bomb blast in eastern Venezuela, according to regional law

(CNN Español) – La explosion the al menos dos bombonas the gas dejó más 30 heridos en el estado oriental Monagas de Venezuela, informó este lunes la diputada the Voluntad Popular a la Asamblea Nacional María Gabriela Hernández a través de sus reasons sociales.

The opposition parliament is signaling that the deposits will be distributed in a vehicle that is staffed by persons demanding domestic gas.

Hernández wrote on his Twitter account that the accident was the result of a gas leak in Venezuela in charge of incumbent President Nicolás Maduro.

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Assimilation refers to the fact that the victims of the explosion recovered the first aid kits from members of the bombers and civil protection corps who were waiting for the emergency and the cases of firefighters were taken to Manuel Núñez Hospital and the local outpatient clinic.

Hernandez points out that some citizens insure that gas bombs are unloaded from the truck when parked.

Various experts claim that gas storage is a key factor in production. The governing body argues that the cause is the international sanctions imposed on the governing body by the petroleum industry.

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CNN kontakt met Ministry of Communications and Information to announce the official version on the subject, but we have not received any response. The governor of the state of Monagas tampoco has been respected in its official channels has not received any more information.